Portal Audio Panache or Marantz PM8004

I'm simplifying my life and want an SS integrated amp an be done with it. If they can be found used, both can be had for around $800 used.

The Portal Audio is from the earlier 2000s while the Marantz is a current integrated. The Portal Audio has a passive preamp and no remote, while the Marantz is a full featured integrated w/ remote and phono. I can live with either.

What do you folks have to say about either integrated amp?
I've owned the Panache and have listened to the Marantz. Soundwise, they are both excellent with the Portal a bit warmer sounding while the Marantz a bit more neutral. I'd give the edge on detail to the Marantz.

The real difference IMO is in the features, as you point out. Because the Marantz includes the remote and a phono stage for around the same price as the Portal, I'd go with the Marantz. I think you could probably even find a PM8004 for significantly cheaper than $800 if you're patient. You may also have a hard time finding a used Panache--there just aren't that many of them out there.
Cannot speak to the Portal unit as i have not heard it. From what i have read, it would indeed be worth consideration. The Marantz I own, and it is great. I use it in a secondary system. It is not quite my primary system McIntosh MA6600, but darn good. It could easily serve as my main amp. Having as many features such as remote, headphone and HT pass through and phono input I value. I appreciate gear one can grow into if need be.

Beyond features of course is the sound coming out of it. It is sweet, well constructed, handsome, it is very, very good.

Post your result. Happy hunting.
I have the Panache and think it sounds great, and do not miss the features at all. In addition, if you listen to headphones, the headphone jack on the Portal is connected to the main amp and is as good as many headphone amps selling for the price of the Panache.
Those are some mighty fine testimonials. It looks like I will be patient and see what the used market produces. Thanks all!
I owned the Portal Panache a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Bought it here when I was the only bidder so I can say it was an accidental purchase. At the time I was using a Classe CAP151 and after a couple weeks with the Panache the Classe was sold. The Panache was much better IMO. Very warm and inviting sound.
Ultimately though, I am too lazy to live without remote so I sold it. There are other amps out there with a similar, warm sound you may consider. The Unison Research Unico comes to mind.
I also owned a Portal Panache for a while a few years ago and liked it very much. It does not have the detail and refinement of the best gear, but it has coherence, drive, and a pure, direct sound that I liked very much. Stunningly good headphone amp, as someone noted above.

As you probably know, Nelson Pass was supposedly involved in the design.
I owned the Panache and had problems with hum no matter what I did. Those problems were pointed out by others, in other threads. Funny enough, I traded down to the very similar, Acurus DIA-100 and no hum and a more assertive sound that I preferred. But it's a million years ago now; time has moved on.
I haven't heard the Panache but as a proud new papa of a Marantz PM-15S2b, I think the PM-8004 might be a good investment. Aside from the features and it's tendency towards neutral sound, it is made in Japan right alongside the Reference Series.

I also read on an English site that the Pearl Lite integrated is what the PM-8004 is called in Europe and that they are basically, the same creature.

Good luck and all the best,