Which integrated: Nait 5i, Panache or Shanling?

Ok, my eight-year-old Denon receiver died, so I finally have to pull the trigger on a new amp of some sort. I'm looking for an integrated amp in the $1,500 to $2,000 range. I'd prefer something used to save money.

I think I've finally narrowed my choice to the Naim Nait 5i, the Portal Audio Panache or the Shanling STP-80.

I have B&W 601 speakers and a cheap cd player. Both the speakers and the cd player are candidates for upgrading. Oh, this will be in a small to medium sized room.

One more thing, I namely listen to classical and jazz, though my tastes are really eclectic and I listen to lots of indie rock (but most of it isn't well-recorded...)

Aren't B&W 601s a bit harsh in the upper ranges? I'd prefer the tube Shanling, but would go with a Cayin (best?) or Norh labeled (best deal?) tube integrated before the Shanling unless you were getting a good used deal.
I like the Naim Nait 5, it is a very good amplifier. However, I dont have the slightest idea how it would work with your speakers. None the less, as much I heard BW, I dont think that is an ideal speaker for classical. I would also look for a proac speaker, for example, and pair it with naim. That I think would be a nice combo, maybe better than BW with any amp.
You may want to consider the Pathos Classic One. The tubed pre-amp section would provide you some depth to your speakers and the SS power would drive then nicely. There are a few for sale here - I would go for the latest Mk3 version since it is a better unit than the Mk2. More dynamic and sweeter top-end. Good luck
If you're using a cheap CD player, perhaps your best bet would be a Music Hall Mambo, which not only sounds great but also has a built-in DAC, so you would be effectively upgrading your source as well.

I'll second the votes for the Naim. Plug it in and enjoy - sounds wonderful. Simple, well built, lasts forever, & great resale value if you decide to upgrade.

Happy listening,
Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm definitely looking into the Pathos Classic One now and the Cayin A-88T. I think I'm strongly leaning towards a tube integrated now.

As for my cd player and speakers. I plan on upgrading those too in the not-so-distance future. Right now, I'm going to get an integrated, since I have no power at all currently. Then, I'll probably upgrade my CDP (and interconnect), and finally the B&Ws (maybe not the cables right away; I have Audioquest type 4 cable that I'm pretty happy with).

Again thanks for the suggestions!
I like my Eastern electric M520 better than the shanling stp80. Especially for Jazz. It just seems more musical than the Shanling. Talk to Bill at Morning Star. I think he even has one with upgraded tubes on sale on audiogon.
the naim......and they sound great with the b&w's
I have a Panache and am very happy with it. The midrange is amazing, and in my opinion, it does live up to its hype. Highly recommended.
Greetings, I own both the Pathos Classic One MkII as well as the Naim Nait 5i - both are very respectable. But they do very different things!
The Naim is very "flat earth" sounding; lots of detail and nothing horribly wrong, but definitely not warm sounding. More like a studio sound.

The Pathos is rich, extremely inviting sounding. I liked the sound of it in stereo mode, but adding a second one and using them in bridged mode is exceptional!

I put the Naim Nait 5i into the system for a comparison between it and the bridged Pathos amps. I could only take it for about five minutes. Lifeless, flat. Very uninvolving in comparison. This is not to bash the Naim, but it was not as exhilirating as the twin Pathos' combo.

I am using the Naim at my office now and if one did not know what other amps sounded like, they'd say it sounds great. I know there is extreme devotion to Naim amps in some circles. I am keeping the naim for the office, and it's a sweetie, but I would think that a bit of sweetness with the Pathos would be the ticket for the B&W speakers. The Naim would likely make them sound a bit clinical (detailed, but lacking the warmth).

You can get a Pathos Classic One MkII or the Naim Nait 5i both for under $1,400. If you're a maniac like me, you'd buy both and demo them against each other, then sell off the loser. I have not heard the Pathos Classic One MkIII, but it would be substantially more. In fact, you might be able to purchase two MkII's and bridge them like me for about the price of one MkIII! In bridged mode, the Classic One moves up into another whole category of sound. It is by far the best ampification I have tried to date.

Kindly take a look at my system, judge for yourself if you think my comments are valid.
Thanks for all the responses. I finally went with a demo Portal Panache. I love it. Personally, I like the sound better than the Nait 5i... the soundstage is bigger and it's more liquidy, which I prefer.

The headphone amp is a big plus for me too. It sounds great with my HD600s, better, but not by much, than my z-audio lambda portable headphone amp.

At times, I wish I had a remote for it, but that's not too frequently... I just have to drag myself up and turn the volume down by hand. Not too bad in all, and I like that Portal made this product for people who are willing to give up convenience for sound quality.