Can the output of an ARC PH-7 be turned down?

I just purchased almost simultaniously an ARC PH-7 and an Aesthetix Calypso. I'm finding the "7"'s output is overdriving my Calypso-at least that's what Aesthetix thinks. Try as I might, I can't find any jumper or adjustment to the 7's output. Any suggestions?
The ARC PH-7 has a fixed output of 57.7db. You could try some in-line attenuators or a different cartridge with a much lower output.
does your Calypso have adjustable gain and is it set at the lowest level? There's an adjustable jumper inside the case. Aesthetix can tell you. Even the low gain was too high for my system so I got rid of it.
You can also try putting 5751's(gain factor 70) in the 12AX7(gain factor 100) sockets this will decrease the output level.
In the Calypso!!!
I would get Audio Research's take on it..
Hi Handymann,

Excellant purchase selections BTW. As already mentioned the only reduction of gain that I can offer you is through the Calypso. The adjustable shunts need to be on the 2 inside positions to reduce the gain by -12dB.

The non reduced gain is stated at 29 dB balanced and 23 dB single ended.

Lowering the gain by -12 dB reduction would still put you at 17dB for balanced and 11 dB for single ended.

I prefer the lower gain setting to the high setting. Tape hiss being noticable with the high setting is the reason given by Aesthetix for the adjustment of gain.

Using 5751 tubes will also decrease the output level as stated above.

I am using the Calypso single ended so I can not advise you on gain and overload using balanced connections.

Thanks to all for your input. ARC has a gain reduction kit I can get, but they discouraged it due to signal degradation. I saw where MCM electronics has line attentuators, but I would have to use an RCA to XLR adator on my interconnects from my PH-7 to the Calypso. Does anyone have any experience with these? I checked with Vintage Tube Svcs and they have the 5751 tubes, but only in RCA. I'm wanting a rich, warm clean and clear sound. Anyone have experience with these tubes?
Handymann, I also own an ARC PH-7. My line stage is an ARC Ref-5. Concur with Mofi -- PH-7 output is fixed and gain is at full bore of 57.5db. I was unaware that ARC sells a gain reduction kit.

Question: is the PH-7 clipping your pre?? If not, please explain why you simply can't adjust gain through your pre's gain/volume control. If your clipping the pre, that's a whole different can of worms.
I was thinking and the 5751 tubes will reduce my output, but not my input (I think ). I think I will try to get a couple of -10db attentuators from Rothwell as suggested by "Mofi." To be fair, he did suggest a lower output cart over the attentuators.
I had similar issues with the inputs on my Onix SP3 integrated. I have switched from 12AX7 to 5751 AND used attenuators.

Changing from 12AX7 to 5751 might reduce your maximum output by 30%, but it will have a much smaller difference in your normal volume range. Having said that, I love the 1950's RCA and GE 3 mica black plate 5751s in my Onix SP3.

I started with Golden Jack -10dB attenuators. Then I went to -14dBs. Now I am using EVS Ultimate Attenuators.

I still have the -14dBs with RCAs if you want to try them.