Too many components to turned on/off one by one?

Too many components!Esp. in multichannel system.
I use Krell SACD standard connected to Krell HTS 7.1,to Krell KPS 25sc(passthrough),to Krell FPB 650MC monoblocks(for front speakers);also from HTS 7.1 to California Audio Lab CL2500 5-ch amp( for center speaker and surrounds).

How to use as few as possible remotes? The best by only one or two remotes to power on/off the whole system like a chain.

Trigger converter(12V DC to 5-pin MIDI) seems not working between HTS7.1 and KPS 25sc?

Need your help.Thank you!
The Logitec Harmony 1000 remote is great for yours and other folks needs, it programs over your computer and supports everything you can is also very small, thin and light with a big display. You can sequence turn on and off and adjust delays times and it is super smart with knowing exactly what you need to control with any given funtion plus has a charging cradle so no need to buy batteries, also can be upgraded to a RF remote signal for hidden equipment. It costs $500 but I really think it is a great value, as my dad is not technical with electronics I just programmed his for him, check it out. It also stores photo's so you have a portable photo album handy for family or friends (not a big deal but kinda cool)
I'd second the Harmony remote, I have the 659 and 880, I looked at the 1000 Chadnnliz speak of but I much prefer the hard buttons for using in the dark, for me the 659 is better than the 880 as the buttons are more logical, so the 880 is in my bedroom system and the 659 controls my main system.

FWIW You will in no way be taxing this remote, my 658 controls a TV, four disk players, pre/pro, Squeezebox, HD DVR, and some of the disk players run multiple different connections, so it has three functions for one, two for another...... They are my favorite remote hands down, skip the Marantz Jea48 proposes, the harmony is far superior to that one.
Is there any way to get the remote to turn on a large size amp that does not have a 12 volt trigger? It would have to turn on a relay that the amp plugs into. Any ideas? Troy
Only if the relay is remote signal capable and then you would have to make sure it is supported. If it was just an amp and not a really hot pure Class A desighn ten do what I do and leave it on all the time, I presonally never turn off anything, even my tube pre is 24/7.