Can I mix 5 ohm ( Front L/R) and 8 ohm (Surround & Sub) in a 7.1 speaker setup ?

I have  2 Martin Logan speakers with 5 ohm impedance and   5.1 Boston Acoustics speakers with 8 ohm.

I am planning connect all together and create a 7.1 home theater setup.

Can I connect all these 7 speakers with different Ohm rating at a time in the same receiver ?

If yes , what should be the impedence I have to set in the amp ?  6ohm or 8 ?

Kindly advise.

The below is my speakers & Amp I am having :

AV receiver : Yamaha RX V-575  

Front speakers : Martin Logan Motion 15  (5 Ohm) 

Surround : Boston Acoustics  A 2310 HTS 5.1 (8 Ohm)

Provided your amp can drive 5 ohm speakers it should be fine

You will probably find the sound levels are out of whack, but you should me able to adjust those separately by speaker grouping (i.e. front/rear/center and left/right balance etc...

If your amp does not come with a setup microphone, which you can use to balance the output of the speakers, you should get an SPL meter

The amp supports a minimum of 6 Ohms. Set it to that for your fronts, but it will be a little bit of a squeeze. The lower the impedance (Ohms) the harder the speaker is to driver. A 4 Ohm speaker requires 2x as much current as an 8 Ohm speaker.

Good luck,

You are gonna cook your amp.  The more speakers you use, the higher the impedance needs to be for that receiver.  Since 5 ohms is the average, just think if you get a 3 or 4 ohm dip.  You could buy an external multichannel amp or just a more robust receiver.
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