Can I mix 5 ohm ( Front L/R) and 8 ohm (Surround & Sub) in a 7.1 speaker setup ?

I have  2 Martin Logan speakers with 5 ohm impedance and   5.1 Boston Acoustics speakers with 8 ohm.

I am planning connect all together and create a 7.1 home theater setup.

Can I connect all these 7 speakers with different Ohm rating at a time in the same receiver ?

If yes , what should be the impedence I have to set in the amp ?  6ohm or 8 ?

Kindly advise.

The below is my speakers & Amp I am having :

AV receiver : Yamaha RX V-575  

Front speakers : Martin Logan Motion 15  (5 Ohm) 

Surround : Boston Acoustics  A 2310 HTS 5.1 (8 Ohm)


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You are gonna cook your amp.  The more speakers you use, the higher the impedance needs to be for that receiver.  Since 5 ohms is the average, just think if you get a 3 or 4 ohm dip.  You could buy an external multichannel amp or just a more robust receiver.