Krell amp and front end with Tube cdp? anyone?

Just upgraded my amp and front end with Krell FPB300cx and KRC-3 and looking for a new cdp but undecided whether to stay with another Krell cdp or try a Tube cdp (such as BAT VK-D5)for a change. Has anyone tried this combo? I have actually been looking for a Krell KPS-20i at a reasonable price but haven't found one yet and just wondering what the sound would be like to add a Tube cdp instead.

I recently talked with Dan D'Agostino of Krell fame and he told me that his biggest problem with public relations is that some of the older CD transport mechanisms are no longer available.
I would check with Krell before I bought any older CD units.

Personally I finally bought a non-Krell electronic product. I have two Krell amps, x-over, and preamp, plus the Marantz SA-14 SACD player. It is fabulous with CD's (+SACD) if properly set up.

Appreciate your response Richard. It's a shame that Krell don't support their older products better somehow.

Maybe all brands have the same problem with irreplaceable
parts such as the transports after so long I don't know but
I love the sound of Krell and I guess I'll always support their products.

Thanks again.
I have an audio aero capitole mkII connected directly into an fpb 300cx via xlr and the sound is fabulous. This player by virtue of its analog volume control does not require a pre-amp. It also has a sub-miniature tube in its analog output stage. Hope this helps.
Before you hook any tube products directly into the FPB series, adjustments must be made to the amp. It can be done by the user. Call Krell.

Also, 67, Krell does support it's older product well. Their service department is fabulous! But if a part isn't or can't be made in house, there is little that can be done.
When a company (like B&W) can and does make the product in house, but just decides to stop (which they do) the customer is screwed. I own B&W, and do worry about the distant future, God forbid something happens with a driver.