Camparing Creek Destinty to Exposure 2010S Wow

I am comparing the Exposure 2010S ($800 used) to the Creek Destiny ($1600 used). I am finding that the Exposure sounds more live and real and very dynamic . The Creek sounds great also but seems to be more mechanical and in the passive mode the attack seems to be slightly rounded off. Almost flat for lack of a better term . In active it seems slightly better but the stage seems smaller and more congested. Source is a Sony XA777ES playing rock and blues through Cardas Neutral refeence ICs and AP Oval 9 speaker cable. I noticed it through headphones also when using the jacks on the Creek and the Sony. No jack on the Exposure. Is this possible, or am I gouing deaf?? Has anyone had any experiences comparing these two?? Thanks
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it sounds like your questioning your own hearing ! just becouse something is more expensive doesnt mean its better..just different in this case of 2 amps !
trust your own hearing when it comes to audio equipment ...not somebody's elses oppinion ! enjoy the exposure !
Dude, the Exposure 2010S is a GREAT integrated. I've been blowing its horn here for years.
Sell the Creek, keep the Exposure.
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