Rega Mira 3 or Exposure 2010s????

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How would these two drive a pair of quad 21l2s for jazz (80%) and classical (20%)? Source is music hall cdp.


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Older Miras provide a phono stage, as might newer models. That's a huge plus, if you're using or wanting phono.
Guys, be careful about which Rega Mira 3 you buy, according to the current manual on their website, they have removed the power-amp-in jacks to shorten the signal path:, page 7
There are still a lot of used and demo models out there with the power-amp-in jacks, just make sure you get a look at the back panel of the unit you are buying if this is important to you!
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Sorry I don't know why that link doesn't work. I don't know how to post jpeg's here, I don't know if you can, but I can convert the page 7 of the pdf to a jpeg and email it to you. Quote from the Mira manual on the Rega website:
"We have improved the Mira 3 sonic transparency & depth by
significantly shortening and improving the signal path internally; this is achieved by removing the power amplifier input socket on the back of the amplifier and the pre-amp & power-amp link switch. This improvement removes the track between the aforementioned socket,switch contacts & the internal circuit."
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I know, I am disappointed too. I was giving this amp a very serious look, because I want the ability to high-pass, and I also want a very exotic piece. NAD just doesn't do it for me on the look. I am willing to wait a while and get something really nice. Now I will have to be very careful if buying a Rega Mira.
Noone has answered the question regarding the differences btwn these 2 integrateds? I am curious myslef as I am looking at the same ones to use either as a preamp in the ST then later as an integrated in a second system. Music would be everything from classic jazz to acoustic guitar and piano, classic rock, female vocals and some classical. Longer term speakers are Spendor S3/5.