Camparing Creek Destinty to Exposure 2010S Wow

I am comparing the Exposure 2010S ($800 used) to the Creek Destiny ($1600 used). I am finding that the Exposure sounds more live and real and very dynamic . The Creek sounds great also but seems to be more mechanical and in the passive mode the attack seems to be slightly rounded off. Almost flat for lack of a better term . In active it seems slightly better but the stage seems smaller and more congested. Source is a Sony XA777ES playing rock and blues through Cardas Neutral refeence ICs and AP Oval 9 speaker cable. I noticed it through headphones also when using the jacks on the Creek and the Sony. No jack on the Exposure. Is this possible, or am I gouing deaf?? Has anyone had any experiences comparing these two?? Thanks
it sounds like your questioning your own hearing ! just becouse something is more expensive doesnt mean its better..just different in this case of 2 amps !
trust your own hearing when it comes to audio equipment ...not somebody's elses oppinion ! enjoy the exposure !
Dude, the Exposure 2010S is a GREAT integrated. I've been blowing its horn here for years.
Sell the Creek, keep the Exposure.
Buy more music!
I have to dissagree. I have been doing an integrated "survey" over the last couple of years. My regular gear is ARC Ref components, so that is my reference, for whatever that is worth. I had a 2010 for a short while, and found it pretty grainy, and "in your face" tonally. It could also get a bit harsh. I now have a Destiny, and it is 98% grainless, much more transparent, with a real drive the Exposure did not have. And this is on Spendors, not a tough load. I thought the Exposure is priced appropriately, but the Destiny is a real bargain at it's higher price, IMO.
Dbarger, Just wondering if yours was the 2010 "S" version? I'm looking at either Creek or Exposure integrated for second system and am finding it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to opinions. My main gear is Atma-Sphere MP-1 & MA-1's so like you, I have a good point of reference. I hate dry sterile sound.
There is a hugh difference between a 2010 and 2010S.Not just an incremental difference like so many other brands!!!!An 'S' will blow away the Evo,5350 and the Destiny.Remember simple is usually better sounding.And btw,the Creek stuff is made in Communist China,whereas the Exposure is MADE in England,that there is reason enough to buy the Exposure.
Mine was an S version. Like I said, I think it is worth the $800 or so they go for used. They are not as good as the Destiny, but they are cheaper. When you consider the costs of manufacture in UK vs. the China made Destiny, the price discrepancy is even greater. So the Destiny should be better, and it is, IMO.