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Responses from bora

Moving on from Nordost Blue Heaven to...?
nordost is great for particular systems, ones on the warm side of nuetral, i replaced my nordost with acoustic zen ..started with the oscar i/c just to compare..oscar did more for less, after that put in the wow ...everything became better ....now... 
This is a silly hobby.
hey $578 is not that bad compared to somebody who spends $4,000 on a limited edition montegrappa fountain pen ...now thats a silly hobby collecting fountain pens!which by the way you guys forgot to mention!!! hehehe 
What amp for my GMA Europa's?
i had the europa's and ran them with a few different amps with excellent results....audio research ca-50 integrated nice sweet sounding amp, also ran a almarro 205-a with 4.5 watts pentode..also nice combo for jazz & piano music and vocals of ... 
Decware ZCP tubed CD player
it should be a great sounding cdp, steve makes great audio equipment at very reasonable prices, im sure he would offer you a 30 day trial on the unit..just call him ! 
Entry level tube integrated to replace T-Amp?
almarro 205 is a nice amp ir runs in pentode...puts out 4.5 watts great for jazz,small scale classical and some rock, the decware is better then the almarro even though its only a 2 watter...couse it has prat in spades...also everytime you change ... 
USPS Priority Mail
i try to use usps as much as possible...they dont throw boxes around ,never had a problem with any shipments,plus they are cheaper then the big boys...plus they dont charge to pick up from your house or office...ups charges 5 bucks for pick up..et... 
Matching Bookshelf Speakers for Rega Mira 3 amp
i would suggest a pair of totem acoustics rainmakers...good match with rega mira 3.enjoy. 
Audio Research CA-50 compared with VSI-55
i heard both & the ca-50 won hands down,had more pace ,rythem timing, vsi 55 was slower had a more soft presentation...more refined , as far as reliablilty..you shouldent have any worries there! 
Review: Final Laboratories Music 6 Amplifier
im just going to mention one thing,since all or most of your listening was done with zhorns with fostex drivers...which are easily drivable with even 1 watt of power, the final 5 was right at home or is a good match! but if you would have tried th... 
Camparing Creek Destinty to Exposure 2010S Wow
hey,it sounds like your questioning your own hearing ! just becouse something is more expensive doesnt mean its better..just different in this case of 2 amps ! trust your own hearing when it comes to audio equipment ...not somebody's elses oppinio... 
Need help with choosing a transport.
actually just thought of one ...that would work great as a transport...one of the ARCAM units would be great for this application...dont remember the model #'rs but ...arcam is the way to go ... 
Need help with choosing a transport.
ah..now i see ! i wish i could recommend something worth while in the $700 range to use as a transport only...most of the really good transports are over the $1000 range.. 
Need help with choosing a transport.
i would recommend the naim cd-5 , as a stand alone player..instead of a transport..and invest money into power supply like flatcap 2 , why drive yourself crazy with d/a converters ! or keep the apollo and add better outboard d/a converter! again m... 
Tubes for CJ MV60SE
i would also recommend valve art tubes, very balanced in all respects. 
Integrated or Receiver for Sonus Faber Concertos
the sonus's are on the warm side of nuetral....good choices would be rega integrateds,naim naits, even nad if money is an issue.