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Graham, Naim Aro, or Linn arms?
i have had all mentioned arms on my lp 12....and to me the naim aro is the best tracking out of all them, just more musical then the rest ...aro and lp-12 is the perfect combo. 
Vandersteen 1c, and an integrated
as a ex owner of the 1c ...i would easily recommend blue cirlce , naim nait 5, i also used s.e.t amps with the speaker from 2 - 20 watts with nice results in the bedroom...smaller room and also any of the rega amps sound great as well ...these are... 
Looking for a great DAC for my Airport Express....
hey glentry either a 47 labs shigaraki or ack! 2.0 ..both are small and look and sound great, ack has more hook up options...but the shigaraki has a better edge on the sound.my 2 cents worthboris 
Headphone Amps with left/right volume control???
i would recommend you call , john grado at grado labs, he might be able to make you such an amp for youe needs, hope this helps! 
LPs, v. iPods - round 1
what i think the add is trying to say is, and i saw this as well,as i was watching the yankee game, is....digital media including the ipod...is the future, and it will get much better as time goes on, where itunes will make the downloading as good... 
Life beyond Jolida?
check out the tube audio design tad-60 only 899 and works well with the vandee's, 60 x 2 or 30 x 2 in triode modewhy spend more on hype 
The best audiophile "gag" gift for X-Mas
i gave my wife an EXPIRED gift certificate to a CARTIER!!!I THINK THATS A REAL XMAS GAG!! 
Vandersteen 1C - Best Integrated For Vinyl Lovers?
here are a couple of my sugessions...........meridian 551 with phono stage....650-800 used,bryston b-60 with phono...800-1000, 
Will Wadio ever make an SACD player?
didnt you know sacd is on the way out?not enough sales! 
SACD VS Vinyl for Jazz and Classical
my take on this issue gents is simple,VINYL IS SUPERIOR TO ANY CD FORMAT..ALBEIT SACD IS BETTER THEN STANDARD CD,vinyl is for true audiophiles.....and for people who actually listen to the whole side of an lp ...not 1 or 2 songs one side then pop ... 
South Jersey/ Philadelphia area
hi gentsi would also like to join a club for fanatics....,would you let me know where,when,etc 
iPod to DAC Connection
guys if you read the diffrent reviews in most audiophile mags..you will see that most reviewers almost couldent tell the diff between there 4-6 k reference cdp's and the 299-499 ipods when of course it was aac ripped files...that being said....the... 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
here are my 2 cents worth,,,,,,FI-X INTEGRATED WITH MAGNAQUEST TRANNY'S!!!!!!! 
Review: Green Mountain Audio Europa Monitor
you think they sound good now!...wait until you get 500 hours on them.....then you will say holy __--_-___,and finally after 1000 hours......you will be amazed!!! 
Surrounds, and center that match the GMA Europa?
i agree with slappy :)