Exposure 2010S CD player

Anybody have experience with this piece?
Yeah, I had one here this week that the local Aussie importer brought around to play with.
Basically, I liked it. For the price I think it amongst the most natural-sounding players I've heard, not suffering too much digi-itice. Very easy to listen through.
Has really nice rhythmic drive too, which is a major plus for me.
Compared to my Consonance Droplet 5.0, it is not there however.
Where the Exposure comes up short is in low bass which is a bit "plummy" and lacks for some definition. Could have more open-ness in the mids which comparatively are a tad nasally. Lacks some transparency compared to the reference but no big deal really.
If you are into smaller ensembles, jazz, classical, folk etc my take is that this is an excellent player. Nice on bigger classical pieces too but sound-stage depth is not a strong suit.
I use Atma-sphere MP-3 pre and M60 power amps into Silverline Sonata IIIs, so that is the system it was feeding. In my experience this system tells you a lot about the source. The Droplet does great things with it.
Hope that helps.