cables for martin logan prodigies

I need your advise vis a vis speaker cables for my new prodigies. I was looking into the audioquest, MIT, Kimber Kable XL Biwire, and tranparent-I am using the new Classe-CAM 350 @ 8 Ohms and 700 watts @ 4 ohms. Please tell me what you think.
I have found that a fast dynamic cable like nordost really improves the dynamic abilities of the martin logans. I've listened to mine on many others, but the nordost provide the most impact.
Prodigy definitely needs bi-wire. Pure silver wire suits the speaker best. Thick sound cable such as Cardas, MIT should be avoided.
Also audition the Alpha Core Goertz cables. This design does very well with Logans. Reasonably priced, too.
I personally are using Synergistic Research Speaker cables for my Martin Logan SL-3. Resolution Reference for the High and Mid Resolution Reference Bass model for the Low The sound is rich and smooth the way the speakers are designed. If you have any questions about these great cables feel free to emaill me. Good Luck. I have use to use Monster then to MIT to Tara Labs now Synergistic Research. Very happy and will stay with them as long as I own Martin Logan Speakers. Bill
SHWANG!!! Alright, I'm jealous! I've heard this exact set-up with the Nordost SPM speaker cables and it sounded fantastic. Another cable worthy of your system would be the Kimber Bi-Focal-XL. Between these two I would go with the Kimber Bi-Focal-XL's. Let us know when you get them and we're all coming over to listen!
I have a 10 feet set of Nordost SPM cables on auction right now - bids are velcome :-)
I run Transparent to my ML's. Virtually perfect if you got the dough.
Synergistic Research Resolution Reference has done more for my Logans than anything else I have tried. They are detailed ,musically involving & non fatiguing.
I seem to remember reading that ML used Transparent on these at one of the shows. I could be wrong, anybody else???
Strongly suggest that you call ML and ask what their huckleberry in cables is right now. Great people who are always willing to share their experience in helping us get the best sound -- and they take a real interest in owner feedback regarding associated equipment. Talked to them today, in fact. I know they are keen on your Classe gear.