Musical Prodigies

Today on "Jazz for Aficionados" we were introduced to a young Korean musician who obviously has "the gift."  No one is really sure why this happens, but it's undeniable.

Please share your experiences with musical prodigies!

Greatest ever, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Could play tunes on the harpsichord at age 2. Composed his first works at age 5:

and his first symphony at age 8:

As far as Jazz piano goes, the great Herbie Hancock definitely qualifies. More along the lines of the Korean young man, the young Indonesian phenom Joey Alexander is undoubtedly a prodigy. Unbelievable maturity in his playing. Age 11!

frogman, Joey Alexander was the first one who came to mind when the subject first came up on "Jazz for Aficionados," so I'm not surprised to see him mentioned in the first response here.  He is also quite a gentleman.

This young lady, Kiesse Nanor, came to my attention via local news this summer.  She put on a "covid" concert at her home for whoever wanted to drop by and sit outside on her front lawn.  Pianos aren't very portable, unfortunately.  Here she was at 10 (2014):

The news spot from this summer:
Christone "Kingfish" Ingram

I saw him play at the Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale, Mississippi in 2017 when he was 18. He was mesmerizing. Watched/listened for several hours in the old bank building.

He’s getting a lot of attention these days. And has matured stylistically and in his singing. But he's had that innate blues feel from the time he was 13

I think this video was in 2017:
Steve Winwood comes to mind as well.
Derek Trucks playing with the Allman Bros since wee. Maybe the most underrated guitarist alive.
Graciously posted by frogman on the new "prodigies" thread (which is flopping), and well worth sharing with you all here so it doesn't just vanish into the cloud:

Also found this stage performance: