Martin logan prodigies

I seriously considering the martin protigies but some of the reviewers seem to have some reservation about the low bass extention at only 28HZ . I need some advise vis a vis the bass. It also seem that in their views a speakers that cost 10K should have been disign to go much lower. what are your opinions.
When I listened to them, I found that they extended pretty darn low. They also have a switch to help against a 50Hz suckout (which many rooms have) - but again I didn't see any trouble in the bass - I didn't like the soundstage though - it was pushed up too high.
Thanks for your response,Danish-- what do you mean that the sound stage was too high-- by the way what kind of electronic was pushing these speakers--These speakers do look extremely aesthetically friendly to any kind of decor, did you have the same first impression. Furthermore, base on your impression are they worth 10K. Thanks for your thoughts.
I've heard the Prodigy at the last CES show. It was driven by the big krell mono blocks, I think they were 600watt. The sound was very dynamic but I think they were over driven too much of the time just to show how dynamic they could sound. The image height may at first seem too high but this is because compared to most speakers which have their tweeters at the 36"-42" height, the Martin Logans tweeter/midrange panel extents to over 65". I've owned their Quest "Z" speakers which are also over 65" in height and the image height sounds just right!! I think that as long as you have your listening seat at least 12' from the speakers you will be amazed! You can also tip the speakers a few degrees forward to "lower" the image height. I have dynamic speakers now and miss the transparent midrange the ML's provide!
You may think I'm nuts, but I listened to both Prodigy's and ReQuests. I bought the ReQuests. The 10K tag did have something to do with it. The Prodigy's sounded brighter, not better. I got the ReQuests and spent some $$ "upstream" to improve sound etc. I'm very happy with my choice. I did not find real faults with either in the bass. But I did hook up a couple of subs one for music and another for A/V) and I think that helps. It "tweaks" 2-channel but helps a lot of course on A/V. Good Luck
Romin--I also did have a rather quick chance to listen to the prodigies-- But I figured that it was not enough for a thorough investigation. The dealer had them driven by both the bryston and the new classe CAM 350 at 8 ohms and 700 at 4 ohms. As danish, suggested maybe the big Krell was a bit to active to bring the warmth and non-fatiguing sound that the logans are Known for. Furthermore, do anyone know if these speakers can be obtained at a discounted price if so where. The dealer where I auditioned these speakers did not want to move pass 5% the MSRP. I read in an audiogon thread that someone has purchase the logan at 20% discount $8,000.00. Any idea that you might have Danish or Ronin will be very much appreciated. THanks guys.
Patou- If you like I have a pair of 5 week old Prodigy (with Black side rails) and all original packing etc. Email me at [email protected]

i'd look into the newform research nhb645's or r645's. check out their www & the reviews at audioreview. at ~$2250 delivered, w/30-day in-home audition, there'd be lotsa $$$ left over for a sub system... ;~)


Buy the Quad 989's - no contest with the Prodigys - less money - fuller sound - goes low with just the right amoount od balance. Pus these with tubes like the EAR 534 amp or even the mcIntosh 275. Full range electrostats are the way to go.
You might try listening to the new speaker from Martin Logan, the Ascent. I recently heard this on what I considered mid-fi electronics, B&K & Yamaha. The new voice character of this speaker is truly amazing. What I think is more amazing, is its price, $4,000. These speakers would be a great match for the new Jeff Rowland model 10 or 12. These solid state amps will not only provide great Mid range & high end performance but will really give you performance at the lower octaves as well. If you combine the price of the JRDG amps with the reduced cost of the speakers then it becomes a more cost effective match. Or maybe consider a used JRDG model 8ti. You might do that package around $11,000, not much more than the speakers you are considering. But the sound will be angelic. Good Luck
Concur with the guys that say that full range esl's are the only to go. Hybrids, whether esl or ribbon still have the big problem -- crossovers and different types of "drivers". Affordable speakers haven't gotten this right yet. Heck, most unaffordable hybrids haven't gotten this right either. ML hybrids offer just a "taste" of esl mid range transparency with their punk-ass panels. Sorry fellas ,but dis is da truth. Panel size has everything to do with the ML esl experience. If you want Quads I suggest you you back to the earlier models. Back to early 63's or 57's if you can find them. Quad's have really suffered with age. Crosby mods are a good thang. There is only one, and only one, esl that can give you most of the benefits of electrostatics and balls at the bottom -- dat be da big mojo, mofo Sound Labs. (Good luck with service, though, keep your little Aerius or SL 3's as a back up). Full range esl's do have their shortcomings -- while bass is extremely accurate and mid-bass is strong (hell, %^&^%[email protected]! generous) with the right recordings, these don't get "raucous" (without well thought out and costly subs, at the expense of some transparency). That said, I've embraced and struggled with ribbon/plannars and electrostatics for the past 15+ years. These types of speakers can bring you closer to the music... given associated equipment and source material... than anything else. But you have to be prepared to live with them. I live with them and love them 90% of the time. Once you have a taste of real detail and transparency, you can't go back, only try to find nirvana.
Jim -- Why da you talk da way you do -- know wha' I' sayin'? You seem like you da man and you down wit' the info on some bad ass kit, but den you lose my respec' when you talk like you on crack, know wha' I' sayin'?
Hey, Hank. Whose on the pipe, now? ;-) Your point is well taken, though. But whenever I talk about the SoundLabs, "big mojo, big mofo" is the most descriptive way to differentiate these from other full range esl's. It takes off from there, if you know what I mean. And if I happen to be listen to da blues (every day thang)... Happy New Year.
As a dealer for those "big mojo, big mofo" Sound Labs, I have yet to encounter any customer service problems. I am aware of two instances in which customers posted negatively regarding Sound Lab's customer service, and I investigated both thoroughly because I want my customers to be taken care of should a problem ever arise. In both cases, Sound Lab was not at fault. In a post over on AudioReview, the customer faulted Sound Lab when it turned out an unauthorized repair facility dropped the ball and never fixed the problem or contacted Sound Lab. When Sound Lab found out about the problem, they fixed it and returned the backplates the next day. And over on SLOG, a customer blamed Sound Lab for what turned out to be shipping damage and unauthorized repair attempts. He also wrongly accused Sound Lab of being slow, when the 3-month time delay he refers to was because he was slow to send in a deposit for the repair work! In my experience Sound Lab bends over backwards for its customers. The speakers are big and expensive to ship, and repairs may take a little time, but in my experience they are wonderful people to deal with. I have only had one customer need repairs, and the folks at Sound Lab took superb care of him. If anyone would like to contact this customer just e-mail me and I'll put you in touch. [email protected]