speaker cables/ ic's for m .logan prodigies/krell

HI please help an aussie new to this forum who is in a state of flux and stress re suitable cables for the following set up.. krell KPS 25sc player/preamp.krell fpb 600 amp. martin logan progigy speakers..we dont get to audition muchn gear down here so tis difficult.I have tried harmonic technology magic link 2 ic and the new pro 9 ref spkr cables but am hearing lots and have been to m logan user site and seems that purist audio r good with prodigies. ? thinking of buying venustas with perhaps the aqueous aureus ic's ? please help .. cant liisten to purist gear w/o buying !thx don
The fact that the impedance of the Prodigy drops to about 1 ohm at 20kHz, and is nominally 4 ohms at lower frequencies, makes it essential that the cable have low inductance and low resistance.

Kimber 8PR and Cardas Cross Speaker, along with several other cable types from those manufacturers, meet those requirements.

The Purist Audio website does not appear to specify the inductance of their speaker cables. And some of them are indicated as being solid core types, which I would not expect to have low inductance.

I have no experience with Martin-Logan speakers, and so I can't add anything beyond those thoughts.

-- Al
I had Prodigys before my CLX's and used Synergistic Research cables with great results. great cables from a great company.