cable lifters, how to maximize benefit?

I am making cable lifters for both my father and myself, and am curious with it being winter how quickly the Static and negative effects of carpet disapear? Also when I insert them will a ZeroStat Zap treatment help, should they be disconnected and placed away from carpet for any length of time? Thanks
Really? No opinions?........shocking.
I'd like to hear from someone who is using cable lifters and heard a difference.. I don't use them but would be interested if they really work. I have a Zerostat from 20+ years ago, never tried it on cables.
Make a bunch yourself for about $3 and try them. You won't go back! (Take heavy craft paper, cut into strips 3x10", use tape to create cylinders, fill 7/8 full with kitty litter or sand in baggy, place every couple of feet) Effect will be immediate, may even get better with a little time! If your system is revealing, it will only get better. This design is superior to hard objects as it also dampens airborne vibration, and resonance.
Hi, I'm pretty sure no one will tell you they can do an A-B test and tell whether their cables are elevated or not. However, I use them, because it seems to me that it is the accumulation of tweaks that makes a system sound better. I use isolation platforms, upgraded power cords, power regeneration as well as quality cables. Some tweaks are noticeable. Others may be contributing in a more subtle fashion. It sure won't hurt.
I have no doubt of the benefit, too many I trust, including my Audio "Mentor" and others I trust (dealers and enthusiasts both use and champion the benefits), I simply want to know if my ideas are infact beneficial to maximize performance.
So you're trying to maximize the effect? Why don't you just use them and see what happens and then post what you hear. That way you can tell us rather than someone telling you.
I would think that the Zerostat would help, but for how long? You gonna zap those cables after every disc? Once a week? Month? Then there is the new Furutech DeStat that is supposed to be even better than the Zerostat. Maybe you could use them together, perhaps by first zapping the cables with the Zerostat, then after fifteen minutes using the Furutech DeStat, then back to the Zerostat. Then there is the Nordost ECO3 Anti-Static Spray. Perhaps this could be incorporated into your routine as well, no? Oh wait, what about the new Shunyata Research Dark Field Cable Elevator? These are supposed to, "allow static charges to migrate through the elevator eliminating the build up of static." Maybe you could use these instead of your home-brew risers and follow the above routines as well. Did you know that not all cables respond to risers because the static field is rejected before it can do any harm and the jacket is stuffed with vibration absorbing particles? [SMACK!] Shut up seasoned!
I tried, couldn't tell the diff honestlty.
You might want to buy yourself a room humidifier. Reduces both static and dry nasal membranes!
I agree with Fatparrot. Room humidifier is the best answer for static.
There is no obvious static issue, never get zapped, I only intend to try to rid the cable of any energy in it when I install them and looking for advice if my hunch was correct or not. I will just hook them up when complete and see what happens, thanks guys for your input.