phono cable for a scoutmaster

I'm currently looking to replace my audioquest jaguar that i have been using as a phono cable on my Scoutmaster(great ic but not a good choice for a phono cable). trying a wonderful cable from origin Live that i like alot. great pace and timing. also thinking about trying Discovery Signiture or Crystal Cable piccolo. I,m thinking something with a clean, clear and fleshy sound would be nice. I had heard great things about Analysis Solo Crystal and it was great but not as involving as the Origin. The rest of the system is Dynavector 20H ,EAR 834pMM, Audiomat Arpege, Reynaud Twins with Analysis Oval Twelve and some JPS Ultraconducter.
Pretty simple choice - I just use the one that VPI makes.
FWIW, I use a Coincident I/C from my Scoutmaster to my phonostage (which is now a Joule Electra OPS; formerly ARC SP8). While I do not always agree with Arthur Salvatore, here is what he says about Coincidents for this use:

I've also tried the Cardas Neutral Reference, but like the Coincident slightly better. The Coincident just seems a bit "cleaner" with a bit better resolution and low level detail.

I have also used a one meter VPI phono cable with good results, but I need a slightly longer cable for my current configuration.

I've also tried several others between the TT and phonostage, but IMHO, they were not "at home" in this placement. In the end though, you are doing the right thing to audition as many as you can to see what YOU like.

Good Luck
For synergy I would agree with Riffer. I have a different set up but I finally choose the Hovland MusicGrove2 with the Cardas Neutral as a close 2nd choice. Nothing else worked as well to give me the clarity and lightness on piano with the depth of bass. Just my opinion. The Cable company at has a lending library for you to borrow and test in your system the cables that might interest you. Given their range and home demo it might be a way to check things out.
thanks for the response. in the end i went with the Origin Live. great stuff. there was initially a buzz with this cable that took a little time to sort out but i finally got it to quiet down so thats what i went with. ever have this problem?