Buying a used amp for $2500 with out auditioning

I know, buying an amp without auditioning is not a good start. I don't have the time. I previosly owned a fully upgraded Counterpoint NPS-400, I loved it. I got bored and sold all but my speakers. I own Canton digital 1. Full range with metal tweeter.
I have considered the following: CJ MF2500, Bryston 4Bst, Classe CA201. AT a bit higher price the ML 334, classe ca 301 or Bryston 7BST.
I can easily be convinced to spend more money but do not want to be to foolish. I am open for feedback.
Thank you,
First of all, the cj and the bryston 4B-ST will not cost anywhere near $2500 used. A 4B-SST might cost closer to that amount. You'd also do well to get two used 7B-ST monos for that price, but it might happen. I'm not familiar with the Canton speaker, but I suspect you are worried about how the tweeter will perform with these unauditioned amps. probably need to mention what preamp you use and maybe what type of music you like. Without knowing, I would suggest the brystons as not being too harsh. I own bryston and cj stuff (tube and ss).
The Bryston 4B-ST and 4B-SST are excellent amplifiers, but may not be the best "fit" with your Cantons, which can be rather hard and bright with the wrong amp, so I am reluctant to endorse your plan to buy an amp without auditions. Of course, if you get get a prospective seller to allow you a few days to audition the amp, with the right to return it, you could solve that problem.

As the previous post noted, the Bryston 4B-SST can be purchased used for around $1800-2000 (it's still a very new model), while there is a 4B-ST with 17" faceplate currently listed for sale here on A-gon for $1200.
Go for it. Read as much as you can about each candidate, narrow your choice to one and find a good deal. The worst that can happen is you won't like it, so put it back for sale, maybe you will lose a few hundred bucks but you gain a home audition and a wealth of knowedge. I purchased one amp brand new for 2400.00 without ever hearing it and it is my favorite, a keeper for the rest of my life. I purchased another one used here on Agon which I'd never heard before and am happy with it although it's probably not a keeper for life.
My entire 2-channel system was assembled by purchasing new or used equipment on Audiogon I never auditioned or saw in person.

Far more useful than the "professional" reviews I've read in magazines were the discussion posts at this very site. I felt confident because I didn't base my decision just on written single account reviews, but a series of Q&As and comparisons with similar gear and enviroment to mine. I'm pretty confident that even if the piece isn't a perfect fit, I know I'll at least be in the ballpark.

Nothing better than a few hundred fellow audiophiles to help you out.
For $2500 used you can get a lot more amp than just a Bryston 4B-ST. Try a Plinius, Sim Audio, Pass Labs, Gamut, Blue Circle, etc. If you do purchase an amp and find out you don't like it in your system then you just turn around and sell it.

Now from personal experience, I own a 4B-ST, I have auditioned the 7B-ST in my system for a week, and I just purchased a Sim Audio Moon W-5. IMS the moon abolutely smokes the 7B-ST monoblocks in every way; dynamics, control, imaging, soundstage, transparency, top-end air, harmonics, etc. Note, that I am not saying anything bad about either of the Bryston's, just that the moon is better.
There are some great deals on the Pass X-250 power amps for a little more used here on the gon. I would try to add some to the amount and fo with a better amp like the Pass, Levinson, McCormack and the others already listed above before getting into a mid-fi amp.
Sim Audio Moon W-5 or the Blue Circle BC-26.
Yeah there's going to be no easy answer for you without actually auditioning an amp and "biting the bullet"! The best way is to buy an amp and try it. Like the guy's say..."if you don't like it, sell it and buy another!" No big deal really. If you don't have the time, you'll not likely end up with great sound anyway. You need to experiment to get the best results often...otherwise, don't expect to get it right in one try...that's a rare trick indeed.
good luck
If you decide on the Conrad Johnson I would make sure that it is the "A" version. It is more detailed than the non "A" version. The Pass X250 is also a good choice but it will be a bit more expensive than your $2500 dollar limit.

Chuck really dont know how an amp will perform until it is in your system...that being send...most dealers will let u do a home trial over a weekend,etc...even with used equipment...also...always ask about demos...