Bryston B-100 question

I have B&W 804 speakers and considering purchase of Bryston Integrated B100 & CD Player BCD-1
Would that be a good match
I have read conflicting opinions
Some say musical others say lean & cold
If possible,you should audition them yourself.Folks are well meaning when they make recommendations,but,what sounds good to them might sound unacceptable to you.You stated in your OP "I have read conflicting opinions
Some say musical others say lean & cold",this goes to show how people perceive sound very differently.Let YOUR ears be the judge.Just a thought.Good luck in your search.
I drive Dynaudio C1's with my B-100 which to me sounds great but I would like more power only for higher listening levels. Although the Dyns are great the really shine with lots of current.

If possible try to demo it with thw B&W's
I don't follow
How do I demo with the B&W's
I don't think stores in Manhattan are that anxious to accomodate
I would have to purchase them
After calling 2 stores in Manhattan that carry Bryston
None had the B-100 available to listen only to purchase.
Bring your B&W's to the dealer if they have one at the store. It won't be the same as your home but at least you can get an idea of the sound. Another option if they do not do in home demos ask about a satisfaction guarantee - something like if I don't like it within say 30 days you can get a refund. I mention 30 days only because in my opinion the brand new equipment will need break-in time to sound their best and some people will sell what they just got because it wasn't broken in. For me it was about 100 hrs on my B-100.
I think the B100 is based on the 2BSST ... if the store has one of those in stock you could listen to with your speakers it should give you some indication of how the B100 would perform
Yes the B100 is a bp16 pre and 2bsst in 1 box.
If this is any help, I have a pair of the 804S and when I was looking for an amp and cd player, both of the Brystons you mentioned were on my short list. I did end up choosing the Bryston CD player, but the amp I purchased is a Simaudio I-7 integrated. I preferred the sound I was hearing from this amp. This, of course is subjective, and someone else could find the opposite to be true. I also liked that it had a little more power (150 vs 100 WPC). but this may not be an issue for someone else. Also on my short list was a McIntosh 402 amp/C46 preamp. This would have stretched my budget a little too far for comfort, so I did not make this choice. I have lived with my system for 8 months now, and I am enjoying my music very much. Maybe the Mac/Bryston pair would be just a little nicer to my ears today, but the Simaudio/Bryston pairing works very well with the 804S's and I have no regrets in my decision. Had I not heard the Simaudio, or had it been beyond my budget, I would probably be saying the same thing about the B100, as it was also a very nice unit. The dealer I have purchased most of my system from always told me "whatever makes your toes tap", and that is good advice. Just as the comments that preceded this are good advice....try that combo with your your own setting if possible, and if it makes your toes tap you have your answer.
I have the b100 bryston. To really hear what that rig can sound like it must have amp stand and vibration control. Anything I tried underneath was marginal. What is huge upgrade is placing 6 mi garrand 8 round military full metaljacket ammo clips mounted with bullets facing down,2 in front,4 inback all inline facing center with about 1lb 3 inch flat brass in middle.Pointed all brass copper bullets only,no flat tip lead.Absolutely blows away stand alone amp. Incredible new soundfield,unbelievable new treble clarity and reach,like different amp for almost no money. It should be installed by bryston at factory.
Playpen....This sounds fantastic,please post pictures!!!!
Tpreaves. I have to have help with picture,will get it. The sound upgrade is unimaginable. I took it off last night and it sounded liked a $99. walmart rack sys without my invention,unlistenable.I'm using 3006 all copper brass military ammo,will experiment with more readily available all brass cartridges.They must have pointed tips,I tried remington lead tips,worthless.You can get started by getting 8 round m1 garrand clips,cheap,when you pack the ammo in press down on flat surface so bullets rest square on top of cabinet.8mm 8 by 57 js mauser 196 grain fmj ( full metal jacket) fits in m1 clip for mark as such as not to blow up m1 by mistake.Not quite as good sound as 3006.I found a brass ashtray at garage sale.To get stated place m1 clips length wise from corners of cabinet aiming toward center. If you own b100 you have no idea what a phenomenal sounding thoroughbred race horse of an amp you own. I'll keep you posted on my test results. Playpen.
Tpreaves. Try federal american eagle 308 win.150 grain fmj boat-tails in mi clips,sounds great without brass.Available everywhere under $20. box of 20 rds.m1 clips about 50 centa a piece,cheap.Get 4 boxes and put 2 clips on top of cd player by tray to.I didn't use the ashtray,run 2 in front 3" back,4 in rear facing lengthwise to centerfrom cabinet corners leaving about 5-6" space in middle on bryston.I demo with pat metheny secret story and great sounding piece of vinyl. At higher volume levels let me know your results. Playpen.Make sure to fully seat cartridges with bullets facing down,one may not seat all the way,no problem.