Brass footers for speakers

Interested in comments about the use of brass footers for speakers that sit on carpet. How will their use improve the sound of your speakers?
The idea is to brace and dampen the cabinet to yield tighter bass. If carpet piercing the vibration is "drained" into the floor.
The best part is that they look really cool even if they don't change your sound. For that reason make sure you get them large enough to be seen from the listening position. I use them on several of my components and recomend Edensound he is very good and very fairly priced for the larger footers. I am not kidding about that, he makes really nice large footers.
Mapleshade would be another option.

Good luck.
What effect does a concrete floor underneath the carpet have on the damping as opposed to a wooden floor?
Your footsteps would probably not make a concrete slab vibrate but probably would make a wooden floor supported by wooden joists vibrate.
Coupling your speakers not only improves the bass but you'll hear a marked improvement in detail and definition.

I went a step further and replaced the four spikes with three heavy cones solidly mounted to a custom built platform. Cheap and affective.
The other POV is that "coupling" to the floor material allows sound to be conducted through the floor material to the listener, and that sound will have a different arrival time than sound conducted through air. Although concrete is less resonant than wood, it still will conduct sound.

This POV holds that "decoupling" or isolating is the way to go. Many proponents, including Genesis and NOLA speakers (the better models all have built-in decoupling), Barry Diamant, manufacturers like Stillpoints, Symposium (Rollerblocks), etc.
...just when you thought you might be getting close to being "done"...
In terms of optimum materials for cones I suggest the following ranking: NASA grade ceramics, steel and aluminum, brass and finally carbon fiber.
I use custom made stainless steel Soler Points and love them, so that's another option. They can also be had in brass but we all use the steel ones.
As someone who has spiked various speakers for years (including slamming some mini monitors into the ground in the end zone after a touchdown) I discovered the "decoupling" movement after hearing (and liking) a pair of my current brand of main speakers on some Vibrapods in a friend's system. Tired of tiny holes in my floors or little discs under spikes and all that, I decided to try some Vibrapods under the speakers. I like it. It's good. I use some form of sorbothane feet under all my electronics but had never put them under the speakers...Highly recommended, and I don't think you need the expensive versions of these things. This also works on carpet if you put some sort of platform under the rubber-ish pods. It is interesting to see the "very high end" embracing some form of this (Magico Q7s anyone?)...and it flies in the face of convention (hurrah!). The only down side is it could put spike factories out of business thus ruining the lives of many families during the holidays...*sigh*...
Also, I use sorbothane in my shoes...I think it makes me sound better.
12-14-12: Wolf_garcia
Also, I use sorbothane in my shoes...I think it makes me sound better.

But your feet still stink !!!!!
lol @ Wolf, never thought about that. Have you tried secretly installing them on your spouses shoes ;-)