Bluesound Node 2021 - adding Sub


I’m looking to add a Subwoofer in the near future, but as my Naim Nait 5si has no pre or sub-outs, I’m looking at ways to connect a sub to my system, and cut the lows to my mains.

So I’m looking at the option of using the sub-out on the Node; the only issue is, I believe the digital out isn’t affected by the cross-over settings in the Node with Sub turned on, and as I use an external DAC - > amp, I would still have full frequency range going in to my mains.

I’m just toying with solutions, and was wondering if this would work:

* Node sub-out to sub

* Node digital out to DAC

*RCA outs from DAC to the 3.5mm analogue In on the Node via 2xRCA to 3.5mm cable

* RCA analogue outs on Node to amp

In my thinking, which could be completely wrong, i would still be bypassing the Node DAC, but by feeding the analogue signal back in to the Node, and back out in to my amp, the feed would be affected by the sub crossover settings in the Node, minus low frequencies determined by Node crossover settings?

I would be most grateful if some kind soul could either show me the errors in my thinking, or confirm the above workaround is viable 🤔😊

Thanks very much for reading

Kind Regards and Seasons Greetings 😊

Just to add; I use the Node in fixed output/bypassing the pre-amp and tone controls, and my DAC has no pre-amp, it's a Denafrips Ares II


Wrong way painter you should not use a crossover on themains let the speakers oll off acoustically and use a rel or mj acoustics subwoofer which gets its signal from the amp then match the sub to the monitors






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Thanks audiotroy, I think I understand what you're saying. 

There seems to be a majority over on the Naim forums that one shouldn't connect a sub via the Naim speaker outs. (I would have to stack banana plugs, as the Nait doesn't have binding posts.

But if I'm reading your post right, I should just let the mains drop off naturally at their bass lower limit, and adjust the sub to taste. I think the only difference would be from your suggestion would be that I would have to feed the sub from the speakers using something like the REL Nuetrik cable? 

Prior to making any decisions/purchases there is a Bluesound forum where 

your particular query can be addressed using both sub

out and bypassing the Node internal Dac at the same time.

Found this


Audiotroy, so you're saying that using a sub such as a Vandersteen sub, which connects to the amps mains, is wrong???

@audiotroy I am still new to this but I have read both to set your hi pass and low pass crossovers if available, hi to keep signal below whatever from going to the mains. Right now I am using just low pass and letting my mains free range. I am amazed at how low I have my low pass set. The lower I went the more clarity I achieved. I have seen where a lot of people set theirs at 80 Hz and call it good. Mine are set at 38 Hz and I think I may go lower. It really is a balancing act when it comes to the right gain/volume level to crossover. The lower you go on crossover the more gain and vice versa. When you get it just right I believe is where the real magic happens. Of course I'm not stating anything you don't already know! 

Commenting on audiotroy’s post: I agree but with the provision that the mains have enough bass output to interact with the sub and help smooth the overall response of the room. However, my experience is that small speakers can often benefit from some type of high-pass arrangement. Being relieved of the low bass signal can result in the ability of a small speaker to play louder without strain while sounding more open at the same time.
To the OP: I do wonder about a couple of issues. It wouldn’t seem you could still use the Node in fixed output mode if you use it to drive your sub. Also, if you select the analogue output from the DAC  as the source for the Node, you can’t listen to the Node as a streamer. The only signal you would get would be from another digital source feeding the DAC.
Of course, I may have misunderstood something. I do that from time to time.