advice on adding dac to old cd ?

I have the upgrade bug but not lots of cash,so I have been checking out dac's for sale on the different sites. My cd is a single disc JVC from 89 (jvc444).It has always served me well and still works great.I have owned a NAD and a Technics and this one sounds better.Would I be better off buying a current player such as cambridge 4 or adding a used DAC for a similar amount of coin.I did get to hear a rather exspensive Pioneer 6-pack in my system and the bass seemed deeper and smoother but it skipped so i dumped it.I have read a lot about Pioneer's transport being well rated so how much of the sound quality comes from the transport? I am pretty happy with the rest of the system. thanks AR 07 int. amp Tara labs interconcet on cd Energy 5.1 energy esm-2 Philips 212/ v15 IV bi-wire 10 GA no-name speaker wire.
The JVC chipset is still OK by today's standards, and the analog output section is also probably a lot better than some so-called high-end stuff. Recommend NOT getting into a DAC, there will be no significant improvement. Get a 200 CD carrousel for storing your least-used CD's and keep the JVC! For $300-$400 the Sony CDP-CX240 has fast CD change times, and the digital and analog output sections are OK. It may sound different than the JVC, but doubt that you would prefer one over the other. (I am also a big Energy fan, email me).
As long as one has decent sensitive gear the following will help.Proper isolation from shelf vibration and proper shelf spacing(9-12"min.) will improve your sound.The proper interconnects and cables(a modest upgrade will make a difference)Also proper speaker setup and isolation.If one listens to loud undetailed music only,then a dac makes no sense.However,if one likes good recorded music with alot of detail then a dac will most definitely be appreciated.Best bet is a higher end used dac in your price range.The dac must be better than your cdp dac to hear the difference. While digital gear has an effect on sound it is not the cure all for better bass.A different amp or reciever with the right speakers will give plenty of bass.A low cost bass improvement would be a good subwoofer.Find a store that will let you audition some in your system so that you can get the right one for you.
get an msb link dac at 349.99. you'll be glad you did
Have you upgraded yet? If not, go to and order one of their $395 DACs. It comes with a 30 day return option so you really have no risk. If you have a 10 year old CD player, I would be shocked if you did not here a significant improvement. I added one to a brand new Philips recorder and the difference was stunning in all areas. If you don't think so, send it back. Regarding Fotopres advice below, I have read several of his posts and it seems that he spends more time reading and writing about equipment than listening to it. Do yourself a favor try the MSB and trust your ears.
musical fidelity is your best bet. it's reasonably priced and sound great too!if you can afford, also try jitter filter device, like monarchy would make a big difference. good luck.