Blue Circle CS vs Unison Research Unico

My system consists of a pair of Von Schweikert VR-2s, a Blue Circle CS Integrated and a Roksan Kandy CD Player. No complains regarding the sound of my system but I'm starting to feel the need for a remote control, but I don't want to compromise the sound or spend more than $1300 (USED) on another integrated. Would the Unico be a step up in sound?
Have you ever matched the Unico to VR-2s?
Good choice on the Blue Circle.

You could try contacting Gilbert at BC. he might be able to squeeze a Shallcro volume pot and remote control board in thier somehow. Other than that you could try buing a used 21/22 or24 combo with a remote option, allthough it might cost a little more than your budget it would no doubt be a sonic upgrade.

For around $200. you can add a Creek OBH-10 remote volume control with no harm to the sound and keep your CS .With my VR2s I went with a vintage EICO st-70 all tube integrated and the VR2s really took off.
Nick...fwiw, I think you mean BC could install a remote control volume. The Shallco is a hand-built stepped attenuator and cannot be put into a CS Integrated due to space contraints.
Yes Phil your correct.

Thats what I get when I type an email faster than I am thinking.
Thanks for the replies. I like the sonics of my BC CS very much. Adding the remote control would cost enough for me to consider selling this amp and buying another one that may be no worse but with a RC.
By the way, I just came across a thread here in A'gon comparing these two amps. For some reason I didn't see it before.

Has anyone tried the VR2-Unico combination? Is it a good match?