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Parasound CDB-2000 vs CEC TL2., Worth the upgrade?
I really like mine as well.Sounds so smooth and full bodied.Just a great sounding transport.Thus I wonder what a higher end one sounds like.Mine needs repair as well (motor).Doesn't want to play the lower tracks.It kinda skips because the motor ca... 
Vandersteen 2ce Signatures vs 2ce Signature II
Worth the $700 difference I am being quoted between demo sig1's and the sig 2s?Sounds like it is quite a large jump, and would be worth it.But I would just like to confirm.Thanks. 
Need small speaker for less than $750. Ideas?
A friend of mine mentioned that the 3/5a's can sound dry and boring.Any thoughts on this?I will not be using a tube amp. I am using my Blue Circle CS which is a tad warm.Are all 3/5'a like this?I hear the spendors are the warmest of th bunch.Thank... 
Need small speaker for less than $750. Ideas?
Bbro,How well do they merge with the Rel sub?Thanks,Nick 
Need small speaker for less than $750. Ideas?
Hello Guys.Thanks for you opinions thus far.You can see my components under my system.Basicaly they are:CEC (parasound) belt driven transportWadia 32 dacBlue Circle CS amp.with good cableing...I believe in have good equipment up stream.The best sp... 
Opinions on Epos 303?
I saw that.But I don't trust everything audio mags say.I was more hoping for a consumer opinion.Cheers. 
Were to go after a Rega Planet 2000?
Hello,I was supprised to see my old thread come up again. Thanks for the info, but I bought a new player about 5 months ago. I know have a Parasound (CEC) belt drive transport and a Wadia DAC. I am happy with both units.Cheers,Nick 
Amp Stand for Bryston 4BSST
You could email Bryston.You would want to speak with James Tanner.Stuart Taylor is Bryston's engineer and designer.Cheers,Nick 
Looking for the king of mini monitors under $1500
I did find a pair of Signum's, but they sold before I had a chance to get them.I live in Canada, so I want to buy a pair of speaker from here too. As soon as I bring a non US made speaker into canada, I pay dutys, tax, etc....Cheers, 
Looking for the king of mini monitors under $1500
Thanks guys.The ones I was thinking about were:JMR Twin Mk3 - NEWSonus Faber Concertino orConcerto - USEDFocus Audio FS68 - USED if I can find oneAny comments on any of these?Cheers, 
Looking for a integated amp.
I used to have a Cambridge A500 integrated and D500 when I first got into hifi. Since then I have owned seperates (Bryston and Linn) and finally have ended on a Blue Circle CS integrated. New they are $1150, but you can probably pick up a used on ... 
The Naim sound....vs. Bryston,creek,etc....
I would seriously look at the Blue Circle CS.It is VERY musical, and sounds like just what you are after.I love mine very much.Check out some of the reviews atwww.bluecircle.comCheers,Nick 
Height clearance for a Rega Planet 2000
I used to own the planet 2000.If I remember correctly I think you needed 8.75" bare minimum inlcuing the player. Above the player having 6.5+ is usally good.Download the Rega Planet brochure from the rega website.On one of the last pages is gives ... 
Best tube pre-amp below US $ 10.000,00 ?
I would say a new Blue Circle BC3000 mk2.Read some of the reviews, I think you might like to give it a try.www.bluecircle.comAnother option would be a CAT pre-amp.Happy Listening,Nick 
Which Mono block amps for ML Summit Speakers?
I would look at Blue Circle amps.Gilbert the designer uses ML CLSiiz and Statement E2's as his reference speakers.I think gilbert has owned about 15 pairs of Martin Logan's over the years.Blue Circle amps are voiced to sound very good with ML spea...