Unico CD Player:

Hi All:

I just bought a second hand Unico CD Players and it sounds fantastic. Was thinking about buying a few pairs of match tubes for future use (seems like prices keep going up).

The only think I can find in the manual (without taking off the lid of the player) is they use 12au7-5814a military spec tubes.

Anyone know for sure what brand they are?

Also, I'm curious if ANY 12au7 tube will work. I read one article (from Herron Audio) that changing from 5814a to 6189 might change the sound.

From what I am reading, the CBS 12au7 clear tops and the Bugle Boys seem to be high demand.

The player sounds fantastic BTW. I am using the digital in fed with a ipod Touch and Wadia i170 transport, w/Apple lossless. Sounds amazing.

Thanks in advance.
Hi, I had the Unico SE Amp two years ago that had 2 Electro Harmonix 12AU7/ECC82, but EH doesn't offer tubes labelled 5814a so they could be CBS or Sylvania or ... (you'll have to take off the lid after all I suppose)

Anyway, I substituted NOS Tesla ECC802S (not JJ!) for the EH which was a remarkable improvement to my ears. Good 12AU7 NOS tubes appear to be still affordable compared to a number of other types so there is some room for experiment. Here are a few pages with a short description of the different 12AU7 varieties:

Good luck
Great - thanks. I suppose I will lift the lid eventually. Now just enjoying the music.