Anyone heard the Unison Unico Due cdp ?

Having made up my mind to purchase a SimAudio Neo 260D transport and Shiit Yggy, a friend has told me that the most recent local audio club meeting featured a demo of this Unico player. Apparently, all in attendance were floored by its musicality.  No-one wanted to talk gear-- they just wanted to listen. I'd intended to get away from tubes (having replaced my Jolida tubed integrated with a ss Wells Audio Majestic, which has proven to be a terrific choice). However, my friend's enthusiasm for the Italian cdp/dac/streamer is forcing me to reconsider. . . Anyone out there have any experience with this piece?
Stuartk, We have been a Unison Research dealer for many years.

The CDE is one fantastic player, are you talking the original version or the newer one?

We did a shoot out of the original CDE vs a much more expensive Esoteric and a Cary 306 sacd player and both of these players were $2-3k more expensive than the CDE and it was no contest the Unison was far better.

We also compared the Unico 50 a $5k tube/hyrbid 140watt dual mono integrated amp to the Hegel and the Luxman products we had at the time, and the Unico 50 was considered by our customers to be dramatically more musical in every way from sound staging, to resolution.

We haven’t gotten the latest Unico 90 on display yet, but from past experience the Unison products across the board are remarkably good.

So I would state that what you heard is accurate, the Unison stuff is truly fantastic across the board.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

audiotroy: I'm talking about the Unico Due cdp/dac/streamer:

Thanks for the comments. Turns out, I'll be able to demo it in my system, next week. Needless to say, I'm very much looking forward to hearing it! 
Yes that is the new version i would expect the same results.

The original CDE was a giant slayer the newer unit is going to be even better.

We are going back to the new Unico gear in 2018. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
I'd really rather not deal with tubes and I don't need a streamer, so I'm going to try something else, alos from Europe (Netherlands): Metrum Pavane. Currently discounted to $3700 and very well reviewed. Sup-posedly more analog-sounding than Yggdrasil and I don't have to pay a restock fee should I not keep it!  
Stuark why no tubes? In this application should not need replacement under 10 years.

Also the Cde does not stream.

Also what restocking fee?
@audiotroy: I was told by a friend that the Due does stream. He could be mistaken. In any case, I don't need that feature, anyway. Tubes?  I've had tube audio gear and tube guitar amps. I used to believe that was the only way to get a sound I liked. The Wells integrated totally changed that. I don't miss the ongoing expense of having to replace them at all or wondering if the sound is beginning to degrade. I don't like to tinker with gear. I'm a music love who has "picky ears" and would just as soon pay once and be done with it. 
BTW: the Pavanes I found for sale online turned out to be discontinued models, although they were not identified as such by the dealer, which strikes me as somewhat shady, although Metrum defended this practice. At any rate,  the current Pavane price is over $6000 -- too much for me!  


Your tubitis is not justified, tubes in a low level circuit can last for 10 years, or more, and tubes used in this capacity are usually very inexpensive so if you really wanted to be paranoid then you could replace the tubes in four or five years.

The Unison stuff is fantastic. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
So that's that your diagnosis, doc: "tubitis" ? Is there a vaccine available? 
Rude stage CD/DACs are awesome! I have the Oppo 205 Modwright and love it! I would like to demo the DUE :)