Blu-Ray vs. MFSL CD

I am looking to purchase a version of the classic Supertramp, Crime of the Century. I have been looking at the MFSL version but just ran across the Blu-Ray version which purportedly has no compression. Leaving money out of the discussion for now, does anyone have any comments on the quality comparison between the two formats? I would play the MFSL through an Ayre C5XEMP and the Blu-Ray through an Oppo 103D. I appreciate any feedback.

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I haven't heard either version of Crime.  I think the biggest difference would be in the player.  My guess would be that the Ayre is the superior player, but Oppo + Blu-Ray may beat it.  If you end up going that route, let us know how it sounds.
I have an original MFSL gold CD, MFSL standard vinyl and the UHQR, all purchased new back in the day.  The CD is good, but not great IMO.  The recording seems to suffer from being digitized, at least in comparison to the vinyl copies.  Probably because it was such an early conversion attempt.  The MFSL standard vinyl remains a go-to test LP in my collection, but the UHQR is one of the very best vinyl rock pressings I've ever heard.

I haven't heard the BD, but did pick up a few interesting BD performances recently, including Return to Forever and Yes, both live at Montrose.  Being much newer, digital multichannel recordings in the first place, I feel those performances really benefit being in BD format.  I'm not sure a strictly audio remaster from what was originally an analog source to BD would be as pleasing.

Similarly, I've tried a few SACD remasters of stuff originally recorded on tape and found them vaguely unsatisfying.  One is the Billy Joel Piano Man MFSL.  They do have much more "headroom" and you can clearly hear that the material isn't getting anywhere near the performance edge of the medium, but that doesn't make them any more musical. 

It is my understanding that the Oppo 103 has a very good BD section, and the Ayre has solid CD capability.  At a guess, you'll probably find the sound quality a tie between the two formats / decks.  Maybe start with the less expensive disc and go from there?

Part of the magic of the hobby - you pays your moneys and takes your chances.  Good luck & happy listening!
Hey, I really appreciate the feedback. You made the exact point that I was thinking effischer when you said "start with the less expensive disc and go from there". I can buy the blu-ray version for $30.00 whereas the MFSL is going for $60.00 to $80.00.
I have an Ayre C5xemp,..... cd or SACD can sound from good to extraordinary...depends on the quality of the disc. Ayre is the better unit, but doesn’t do bluray. Playing cd or sacd, the Ayre sounds better...and a properly set up vinyl sounds even better.
No Brainer. Got em both. The Blu Ray wins.
Thanks for the input madhf. This is what I suspected as I do more research but it's good to have confirmation.
Just wanted to offer an update. I received the Blu-Ray version the other day and gave it a spin. My only comparison is Apple Music streamed from a Sonos Connect into a Simaudio Moon DAC. The Blu-Ray through the OPPO is quite impressive. The first thing that I noticed was the fact that I could discern the sound of the sticks as they impacted the drum heads. Likewise, the piano hammer attack on the strings was also distinctive. The sax on "Bloody well right" was deep and visceral. The sound stage was broad and enjoyable, probably one of the best pieces of source material I have, although Loreena McKennitt "Nights from the Alhambra" is quite good as well. I would love to compare it to the MFSL release through the Ayre but I'm certainly not going to shell out the money for it. Overall I am very pleased with this version of Crime.
Thanks for the update, @falconquest .  Sounds like it could save some wear and tear on my vinyl copies.
I think BluRay audio only discs are a great medium....I wish there were more to choose from
I would like to demo that Ayre player someday. I have an extensive collection of CD/SACD discs and want the very best playback.
I have read that The Rolling Stones greatest hits on Blu-Ray audio is