Biwire speakers

I am new to the world of separates and have a very basic question. I just purchased an Anthem P2 to to power my Paradigm S-8s. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to biwire my speakers to the P2? Thanks.
Bi-wiring is a waste of good speaker cable. Stick with a single, good quality cable to each speaker...

I have always found a different result than Rlwainwright (above) I have always felt bi-wiring an improvement providing the speakers lend themselves to it.
See this thread. My comment in that thread, while obviously somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I think pretty much says it all:
02-07-12: Almarg
Having followed many prior threads that have addressed this question, I can say unequivocally that a clear consensus has emerged. That consensus can be stated as follows:

It may or may not make a difference. If it makes a difference, it may or may not be for the better.
-- Al
Check your speaker manual. If they mention that bi-wiring provides better sound, then go for it. I have experienced both and feel that bi-wiring did help - FOR MY SPEAKERS.
I'm with Al on this one. Tons of posts about this issue.
No compromises either all or nothing in most posts..
I biwire becaue it is easy to do.
Some like it , some do not.
Is it worth it? I think so for me.
Who knows if it is for anyone else???
I typically suggest starting here:

Rod does know his stuff - once you've absorbed that material you'll have a better reference for bi-anything...
I modded a pair of speakers to allow for biwiring. Why? because I had the cable for it. Do they sound better? Meh.
Thanks everyone. You confirmed what I suspected - it's what you think it does, for better or worse.
Well stated Calcentral, you answered your own question, which beats the more popular pastime of questioning your own answer.
I think it also depends on your speaker. Some are designed to be run bi-wired so if you only run them single wired or single wired with jumpers, the sound isnt as good. Bi-wiring vs. single wiring with jumpers made a huge difference for the better with my Unity Audio Signature 1's. For other speakers this might not be the case so an option might be to borrow a set of cables the same as what you already have, or a bi-wire made set from The Cable Company (they let you evaluate them at home) and see if there's a difference thats worth it on your particular speakers.
If you use jumpers, the choice of the LF or HF posts for running the speaker wires in may make a distinctly audible difference. "Conventional wisdom" seems to favor HF; my slightly bass shy speakers sound better when connected through the LF.