Billy Cobham Question

I just picked up a used copy of Bill Cobham's "Warning" album. I wasn't aware of it until now. Inside the sleeve is a folder. Inside the folder is a picture of Billy playing live and what looks like a cover letter from Nancy Goldstein from GRP Records. She briefly talks about the album and quote "If you'd like to interview Billy, please call me at 212-777-0736" Under the cover letter is four page biography of Billy Cobham. It all looks hand typed and then copied. Do any of you Cobham fans know what all this is? Those of you who have a copy, do you also have these documents? Not sure what I have here. It's the first time I've run across this. Any information would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance. -Blair
I can’t answer your question but undoubtedly this is the coolest post I have seen here in a very very long time. What a find!
Great find.  My guess is that Nancy Goldstein did PR for GRP and was reaching out to journalists trying to create buzz for the album release.  Apparently, if you weren't aware of the album until now, she wasn't completely successful.  :-)
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dawgfish, LOL, I think it was meant for a record station or concert venue owner. Certainly not some guy digging through a used record store. :-) In all fairness, I'm not a huge Cobham fan. I really like "Spectrum" but a little ignorant of his other releases. Not sure what I'm gonna do with it. It would probably be better suited in a Billy Cobham super fan collection.
I was in the radio business years ago. What you may have there is a promo copy sent out by the label to radio stations (usually to the attention of the music director) with a generic cover letter concerning the possibility of interviewing Billy.