Billy Cobham's Spectrum

How is the original on vinyl and are there any reissues, analog or digital, of this album?

I have the CD, Atlantic 7268-2, and it's just okay.

Thanks in advance.
I have Spectrum and a lot of other Billy Cobham on vinyl. But Spectrum, even from the seventies still sounds dynamic and lush. It's always in and out of my vinyl rotation. And this is the one I bought new when it first came out. Not some reissue. I've never heard the cd in my system.
The CD is OK, but try to find the out-of-print DVD-A if you can. Great album!
I bought my copy in ~75-6 and it's fantastic. "Total Eclipse" is also excellent on vinyl.
Spectrum is an AWESOME album!
I still have the original U.S. pressing (LP)on Atlantic from mid 70's... best sound IMHO... I also have a German pressing which is clean, but lacks some minute spacial details and sense of image depth.
Get an old Atlantic pressing if you can find one.. the cover will be beat up most likely.
Excellent album! I also have the original US pressing and it is much better than the cd. I love Tommy Bolin's guitar playing check out his albums Teaser and Private Eyes if you've never heard them.
The original pressing is dynamic and much superior to the CD release. I have had the original since the late 70s and still am amazed by it. Great addition to any collection.
Cobham's 1st 4 albums; Spectrum, Crosswinds, Total Eclipse, & Shabazz are his best in every way. Recording quality, performance, writing, arranging are all 5-star! I saw him 12 times (twice w/Mahavishnu, the rest solo) so I guess you can say I was a fan;).
Yeah, the CD sounds typically compressed, and given the quality of the album, it really leaves me wanting every time I pull it out.

I'll look for the original LP.

And too bad Bolin didn't make it - the kid could really play.

Many thanks for the input.
One of my favorites is "Power Play", probably not to everyone's liking though.
It's not clear which cd you guys are talking about. It's been issued twice in the U.S., an original and a remaster. Best I've heard it on cd is the tracks that appear on The Ultimate Tommy Bolin box set, substantially better than the remastered cd.

I recently acquired the U.S. Atlantic lp (a later 70's reissue I think) and it sounds quite good. Haven't compared it to the box set yet.
I bought this LP when it first came out. It's still a favorite. I play it L-O-U-D! I agree that Bolin was quite the talent. Love the cover art.
5u4: Hey I like "Power Play" too.. 80's sound, but very good recording... isn't that on the GRP label?
'Powerplay' was originally recorded for the GRP label but I imagine the rights have been sold 'cause I've seen it released under a different company logo. IMO, 'Powerplay' was the last recording he made that had the old Cobham 'fire'. His other GRP releases were snoozefests and I've picked up some of his later releases, but truthfully, he sounds like a shadow of his former self. Billy's biggest problem, than & now, is his ego. For awhile, he was a 1st-call a-list musician. His discography from the 70's is an amazing list of recordings. His head got too big, leading to clashes with John McLaughlin (called him HaHavishnu back then!) and his tendency to want to be heard, to overplay, to be THE star led to him isolating himself and his career. His ego runs unchecked to this day, best example being that his latest recording, available solely through Audiophile Imports, an american release, a single disc, sold when released for an unbelievable $36 bucks. That's when THIS fan said adios Billy!
good information.. I've been a fan for decades but never knew all that! sounds all too familiar though, I've had some dealings and run-ins with rock musicians and their egos that really left me with a bad taste in my mouth... 'snoozefest' right! the next GRP album "Picture This" falls into that category.. a definate step down from Power Play.