Billy Cobham Question

I just picked up a used copy of Bill Cobham's "Warning" album. I wasn't aware of it until now. Inside the sleeve is a folder. Inside the folder is a picture of Billy playing live and what looks like a cover letter from Nancy Goldstein from GRP Records. She briefly talks about the album and quote "If you'd like to interview Billy, please call me at 212-777-0736" Under the cover letter is four page biography of Billy Cobham. It all looks hand typed and then copied. Do any of you Cobham fans know what all this is? Those of you who have a copy, do you also have these documents? Not sure what I have here. It's the first time I've run across this. Any information would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance. -Blair
Sounds like a press kit from someone handling promotion/ management for Cobham. Promo copies were sent out with kit to get interviews or gigs.
Yes, I think qdrone is right. My copy has none of that. 
Wow, that's pretty cool! Thanks for the info.  Everything is in really good condition except one problem. About an inch of the lower right corner has been cut off. The vinyl itself looks very good. Thanks to all for the replies.
Cut corner may mean it was a promo copy/not for sale that were given out for promotion.

Most promo copies ended up with corners cut off and sometimes a gold or silver glitzy stamp proclaiming not for resale.
Of course many of these end up in the used market and I own a great many copies as usually a very early pressing and the stampers were in great shape.
However not one of my promo copies has anything remotely similar to that in them.
Sounds like a great find and just adds to the intrinsic value.
You did well.
Call the number and set up an interview 
Very cool, and what a "power" drummer he was/is!
My brother owned a record store some years ago. He had many "promo" albums with cut corners, punched holes in a corner or the sticky label attached noting "promotional copy...not for resale." You definitely have a promo copy with some additional promotional material as previously noted. Great find...even better drummer!!!
I too, know of Billy Cobham. He started his drum career in drum corps. He’s a fabulous drummer. 
Billy Cobham, one of my most favorite drummers.  You truly have a keeper with that record, great score!!
I would say 40% of my vinyl collection is promo's cause the record stores would sell them for 3 dollars less than a sealed new copy. I have a Crosswinds promo by Cobham,great album with Abercrombie on ax.
Been following him for all long time..  Love his work, heard him live at what used to be called “Pine Knob” in Michigan in the 70s and he was incredible. One of the best drummers around in my book.  Enjoy!
That should have read “a long time”
A couple of months ago I saw Billy and his band with Randy Brecker et al and they were great...I’d seen a couple of Mahavishnu shows years ago and Cobham was and still is a powerhouse drummer. Go see ’em!
I saw Chick Corea and Return to Forever in 1975 or 6.  What a band!! Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Al DiMileola and Billy Cobham.  What a performance.  They did the Romantic Warrior album.  I was pressed back in my seat the whole time.  Awesome sound and intense jazz rock. 

I’m pretty sure the drummer for RTF was Lenny White not Billy Cobham.
I saw RTF around the same time and agree that it was a great show and a great band, just not remembering Billy C as their drummer.

I got to see him in 1971 when he was with The Mahavishnu Orchestra. They were the warm up group to Emerson, Lake and Palmer.  Cobham  is a virtuoso.  Palmer, a machine, who outplays any percussionist I was fortunate enough to see. 
@janewyman........I saw that concert tour at the Music Hall in Boston.  I thought Billy Cobham stole the show, but my friends all thought Carl Palmer was a better drummer.  While Carl Palmer was better at showmanship, Billy Cobham was definitely in a much higher class of drumming. He hit those drums so hard, my chest was hurting.  I believe we were in the fifth or sixth row in front of the stage. 
Longtime BC fan here, I've seen him with MO 3x, Crosswinds band 4x, Cobham/Duke 2x, AND...the last time I saw him was when he premiered the Powerplay record in Pittsburgh!  The list of records I own from his discography is substantial, like I said, I'm a fan.  But he's gotten older and though he's still a dynamic player, I'd say he's maybe 25-35% of what he used to be!
Yes, RTF's drummer is Lenny White who is no slouch either. There is a video of a very young Mr Cobham playing with Miles and he gets a solo. What a blur. I agree with chazro. I've seen him 4 times over the years and he is not as explosive as he use to be. Then again none of us are. He is still fun to watch (and hear). 
I've often found the promo copies are made with superior and very durable vinyl. I'd figured that that was because they gave them to radio stations where (the promoter would hope) they'd get lots of play. Very cool that you got all that swag and so forth from the publicist.
  1. Billy Cobham fans will enjoy the book called Six Days at Ronnie Scott’s. Gives in depth insight into what makes him tick and full of anecdotes. A good read. 
An amazing drummer!  He did some drum corps consulting with the Seattle Imperials back in the day.  
Back in 1979, I was really lucky to work as a stage hand at a drum clinic Billy Cobham did at a theater in New York City.  I was standing backstage and had a long conversation with him.  He was one of the nicest, friendliest and most sincere musicians I have ever met.  When he went on stage, he demonstrated some of his drum rolls and riffs by slowing them down so that the young drummers in the audience could discover how he was doing them.  From then on, I've had nothing but respect for Billy Cobham.  He's a good man.
He sure is. Drummers as a group are very respectful of each other and go out of their way to help young drummers. Gavin Harrison and Jimmy Chamberlin also hold clinics. The one I miss the most is Tony Williams. 
Sorry for mistake.  You are correct. It was Lenny White.  I also saw George Duke in that time frame maybe I have them mixed up.  I do love the Spectrum album.  Shame on me for not following him after that. 
Besides the press kit, you probably have a first pressing as well. Very cool.
mijostyn, If you like Tony Williams, you might the a live tribute recording for him called: "Blues for Tony", members are Jimmy Haslip, Alan Pasqua,Alan Holdsworth and of course Chad Wackerman. You'll forget it's live until you hear the applause. It's just excellent!
jnovak, How would I determine if it's a first pressing?
Chad Wackerman is the best drummer name ever.
Some years ago I have contacted Cobham's agent in Italy to ask about the personel on one of his alboms ( there was no complete info on cd). The answer was that she did not know and that could not ask to Billy about that - a  bit unexpected reply.

Perhaps the communication issues on his site are not well organized. 
Someone upthread mentioned how 'Spectrum' was the last BC record they had heard.  Well, beyond the many fantastic Billy C. records you should be checking out, here's one that might catch your interest.  Alphonze Mouzon - Mind Transplant.  Mouzon played with Larry Coryell & 11th House.  Mind Transplant features Spectrum guitarist Tommy Bolin flexing his muscles again in a record often referred to as 'Spectrum II'!
Thanks Chazro!

Just added Mind Transplant to my Qobuz favorite list.
Hopefully give it a spin tonight!

chazro, I just found it on Spotify, streaming it now.