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Nicks or McVie.....
+1 Christine Perfect 
Considering a POSSIBLE replacement for speakers. Opinions?
+1 for Salk. He's in Pontiac Michigan.  
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
U2 was awful, they avoided much of their material by playing cover tunes. Also saw a band member of Talk Talk fall off of huge speaker and knock himself out cold. Another band mate just walked over and unplugged his guitar that was in feedback.  
Best upgrade for cd player?
+1 on the Audiolab 6000cdt and a good DAC. Mine is paired with the Schiit Gungnir MB. The results have been very good. 
What's your favorite boutique speaker maker
Salk Sound 
Companies that repair/refinish speaker cabinets?
I would at least call Salk Sound. He may or may not be willing/able to do the refinish work but I bet he could at least point you in a proper direction.  
Laid back DAC under $800?
+1 on the Schiit product line. 
DAC upgrade suggestion
If your budget is ~$1500, consider the Schiit Gungnir MB. I've been quite happy with mine. Very natural, analog sound. Still lot's of detail.(if that's even possible) :-) 
How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present
As others have mentioned, Salk Sound has a large collection of custom built "classic" looking speakers. I've been very happy with my Songtowers. Currently looking at the Song 3 Encores.  
CD Transports
I too, have the Audiolab 6000 CDT(silver of course).  I'm running it through two optional DACs. My onboard DAC in my P6 preamp which sounds very good(IMO) and a separate Schiit Gungnir MB. I've had the Transport for about a year and it's been exce... 
Wow an old album that rocked your world
+2 on the Pretenders debut album. I would add Bill Bruford's "Feels Good To Me". Guest singer Annette Peacock's voice was such an interesting departure from his other musical directions. 
Non Analytical Sounding DAC Upgrade- Budget $1,500 or less
I purchased the Schiit Gungnir MB about six months ago. I've been very impressed so far. 
Time for the Dynaco to go, Affordable Integrated or Separates for Wilson's Under $2.5K?
I too, was surprised at the sound quality of the Yamaha A-S series int. line.  
10 Audio Cable Myths and Facts
I know how I would feel if I spent several thousands on cables just to have someone say: "hey! You wasted your money and fell for snake oil sales tactics" But as a long time fan of Audioholics, I agree with the OP. 
Thoughts on choosing an amplifier
+1 on the A21+, I have the A21. It pairs well with several different speakers.