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You just won a $5,000 audio gear only gift card
Larry 5729, I just saw your post! That's hilarious!! Great minds think alike! 
You just won a $5,000 audio gear only gift card
It's a tie for me. Maybe a Parasound JC5 or add another 1k and get a pair of Salk Song 3 Encores.  
i just want everyone to know..........
I won a Panamax MR4300 a few ago. I wouldn't call it a conditioner but more of a surge protector. However, it also monitors voltage and will disconnect when voltage goes above or below its threshold and reconnect when voltage falls back in line.  ... 
What is the colored label/part of the RCA jack called?
kgbspy, agreed, if the insulators are popping out on my RCA jacks, I would replace the complete jack assemblies if possible.  
Slot, tray, or top load?
I think the real question is: What unit will be the most reliable and best SQ? While I think the top loader has the coolness factor and potentially fewer mechanical problems, tray style is probably the most common and there are many very good vers... 
Smooth sounding integrated
I would consider the Yamaha A-S801. It's a very capable Int/Amp in your price range.  
Considering getting a CD player (again). Used? New? Criteria?
I bought the Audiolab 6000cdt last year. Paired it to a Schiit DAC and have been very happy with the result.  
Billy Cobham Question
chazro, I just found it on Spotify, streaming it now. 
Billy Cobham Question
dawgfish, LOL, I think it was meant for a record station or concert venue owner. Certainly not some guy digging through a used record store. :-) In all fairness, I'm not a huge Cobham fan. I really like "Spectrum" but a little ignorant of his othe... 
Is it a good idea to buy CD players over 10 years old even it is a reliable brand?
I would not want to buy a 10 year old player. Especially if I don't know it's history. Even if parts are available, just seems like a PITA keeping it functioning. I, like many others, like looking around in used record shops. I spend alot of time ... 
Me vs. JL Audio - An open discussion.
erik_squires, Agreed off the chart expensive! I'm more of a Rythmik, SVS guy.  
Billy Cobham Question
jnovak, How would I determine if it's a first pressing?  
Billy Cobham Question
mijostyn, If you like Tony Williams, you might the a live tribute recording for him called: "Blues for Tony", members are Jimmy Haslip, Alan Pasqua,Alan Holdsworth and of course Chad Wackerman. You'll forget it's live until you hear the applause. ... 
Time to move UP, speaker-wise...
Take a look at the Philharmonic BMR Monitors currently being built by Salk Sound. They're in your price range. I Haven't found a bad review yet. It's a Dennis Murphy design.  
Billy Cobham Question
Wow, that's pretty cool! Thanks for the info.  Everything is in really good condition except one problem. About an inch of the lower right corner has been cut off. The vinyl itself looks very good. Thanks to all for the replies.