Best tweak - System Improvement

I have been an Audiophile for over 35 years and have tried many so called tweaks many were not that impressive BUT
I found 2 things in particular from Audio Magic
it is called the Blue Dot ground disruptor, there are a couple reviews on the older model that was good, the NEW Blue dot version
you have a sealed 5 inch box inside who knows what's inside? it has one plug you connect to your line conditioner or whatever and the other is a rca you connect to any black or negative to any aux not being used .It's purpose is to clean all noise
coming in as well as any noise riding ground off the positive and nuetral.Does it work ? Absolutely in a very BIG way every part of your audio system sounds much clearer including instrument textures and naturalness for $699 a no brainer will make any system sound much better no matter what line conditioner you have !about 48hrs for full breakin, Also they have another improvement called the Pulse generator for speaker cables It is also Outstanding what this does is that it
takes all noise from all your combined equipment and rfi and emf riding on your speaker cable and creates a electrical field that permiates the cable and nuetralizes all this hash, you just velcro this litte 3" box to the speaker cable right before it goes into the speaker
and plug it into your power strip it takes a solid 24 hours to runin and then magic everything is much more dimentional and real sounding ,just unplug and you will hear the difference right away . Both Tweaks are Major
improvements and Highly recommended.p.s Jerry Ramsey the designer of Audio Magic cables has a New Liquid polymer cable out there that is truly ground breaking I am told
I am looking to start with the Interconnect Sorcerers very soon I will report my findings ,happy listening .
Thanks for the post, always good to hear about people enjoying improvements to their systems.
A couple of things you said I'd like a little clarification on:
"Absolutely in a very BIG way every part of your audio system sounds much clearer including instrument textures and naturalness for $699 a no brainer will make any system sound much better no matter what line conditioner you have !"

Have you tried the product on other systems? Other line conditioners? If not it might be difficult to support this claim. My point is that all systems are different, and we often forget this. I think especially for these types of products the differences in systems has more of an impact on the results.
Hello Sebrof a good point I am currently using a Furman
power strip a lowly $200 item, also I have an Exact power
in my other setup they have very similar results that is why I mentioned it will improve apon most any system.
I believe they would give you a refund if not satisfied 30 days. that's how much faith they have in their product.
I would like to mention many people own the
Audio Magic line conditioners and they kick butt,the new ones are using the liquid polymer cable inside as well as power cords .I truly am looking forwards to getting my interconnects, it takes 10 days to make a set of these cables for the liquid has to settle and a bunch of other factors ,not one bad comment on them yet that's promising. Jerry at Audio Magic has been known to be cutting edge . I am slowly finding out and will give my thoughts good or bad .
Thanks for the heads up Audioman58. I would like to give a round of applause to Starsound SP-101 speaker platforms. as Sebrof said, tweeks that work well in one system may be poison to another. Having said that, I don't think it applies to these platforms. They are supposed to drain cabinet vibrations to graound, thereby allowing the speakers to sound their best, and they do just that. It is science, not snake oil, and though they are not cheap, they are a revelation and the best "tweek" I have ever invested in. I truly believe that if you have not heard your floorstanding speakers mounted on these platforms, you have not heard them at their best.
I will check them out right now I have the factory 1"
thick granite platforms with Brass spikes ,thanks for the tip.
My Running Springs Audio Haley and some isolation pads I placed under the CD player have been very good tweaks.
I would like to add the Audio Magic Pulse generators
for speaker cables works in every application I have had or tried and least 10 freinds ,have not found one person that did not hear a clear improvement.
with the Blue dot ground disruptor I feel it would be the same for this has been reviewed and is now even better Well worth the shot especially if you get a 30 dday money back offer .
Nakamichi 682ZX deck has a captured power cord and two prong plug. You can change the phase by plugging in in two ways, I guess. The difference is very audible. And this trick is free of charge.
Symposium svelte shelfs under all Symposium roller blocks under cd player.The Symposium Stealth amp stand brought my system to a new level of resolution.
Besides cables, I would mention the Z-Sleeve 4" Ultra for headphone cables, the Audio Magic Pulse Gen-X inside components, and a 1000 kva transformer plugged into the wall, by itself, not powering components.
There are 3 for the money hands down the Ultrabit Platinum disc treatment for cdd -Excellent and a clear improvement ,
and 2. the Hifi tuning Supreme Fuses they are the best every component benifited from them read the new review
It is a cumulative thing it is like a major component upgrade once you have done your system and still cheaper than a pair of decent interconnects. I have bought many good and bad things out there these 2 are no brainers.
In the fuses defense look at this at a scientific approach a steel fuse has 8x the resisitance then pure Silver
a Huge bottle nexck in the sysytem and a removal of grunge and just cleaner sounding and better seperation of instruments ,any decent audio system will be able to hear the improvement .The Ultra bit platinum for cds for sure ,
also the Isotek burn in cd is great for just that and on track 3 a total system tuneup demagnitizes the system and you can run this once a day or week for a tuneup it works well.
One more thing if you guys use a cdp player ,ever for sacd,or dvd The Millenium cd mat
every cd is improved by a Wide margin a must for any Audiophile out of 6 people in a triple blind test with 3 seperate cds used with and 10 without in every case the one with this disc on top was the clear winner no matter what spray treatment you may have already used it is a No brainer for $120 a must have for any Audiophile !!
obout the Millenium cd mat, I reserve my ultimate approval as to being somewhat sysytem dependant ,it does give better detail But also pushes the soundstage up front to first row ,if your sysytem is a little laid back then this disc would be a great match.
Hello I would like to say without reservation ,I was using the Art de son cd cleaner which was a step up from the Optrex ,Now I have just starting using the Ultra Bit Platinum + . I can say the Ultra bit By Far is the best I have ever had.I applied this and then went to listen to George Harrison Live in Japan for A song, it turned out to be both cds .The performance is more relaxed and the detail and naturalness of the performance is just more real soundimg.
George Louis the creater I called and he also has a cd mat that many exhibiters at shows had that was much better than the Millenium mat that I had and Sent Back .It did not work in my system.I will update you on this new mat in my system Next week.
The matt was to forward inmy sysytem , as well as his new formula which is a water based bottle .The Art de son is
still the best balanced cd enhancer sometimes more is not alllwys better in sonic perspective if your sysytem is a little laid back then the Ultrabit would be a great fitIMO.
I agree with your original comments regarding the Audio Magic ground disrupter and speaker clarifiers. They made a huge positive impact on my system.