best transport?

I'm going to buy a TeddyDac (heard one and loved it's analog sound) but would require a transport. Recommendations most appreciated.
I'm not saying this is the best transport but the CEC line of transports have a unique sound because they are belt driven. I would simply put any belt driven transport on your list to consider. Audiophiles that have heard the belt driven transports will know what I'm talking about.
What price range?

Transports - look at Mark Levinson (used),Muse (used), or Oppo BD83SE (new). Not too sure about the Oppo's ditial out circuit - but it can do the Bluray thing when you are not using it as a transport. This gives you a component that can do more than one thing.

As far as DAC's go - the Benchmark has set the bar for performance unless you have more tha $5K to spend. If so, look at Weiss.
I second Mark Levinson.
Sonic Frontiers SFT-1
Theta Jade
you will need to experiment, becuase dacs are often transport sensitive. you won't have an answer until you have tried several.

for example, my favorite transport is the digital out of the vincent cd-s6--a phillips mechanism.

i could not predict the outcome of combining it with your dac.

i assume when you say "best", you mean, "favorite", re your preferences based upon your (idiosyncratic) criterion of excellence of sound quality.
I used a Weiss DAC2 for a year with a 47Labs 4716 transport. To my ear they worked beautifully together and soon I was dreaming of upgrading the transport to the 4713 Flatfish(only $25k cheaper than the top of the line $30k PiTracer, anybody). However I began to notice a definite division in my CD collection. I found that there were those that performed sublimely well and those that fell well short. Too many fell short of the sound I was looking for. So I ultimately got rid of both and instead went for an ARC CD5 which allows a good many more of my collection to sound good or even great. But in all honesty I have to admit the best ones don't sound as good as the Weiss/47Labs combo.
A computer such as a Mac Mini. You will see numerous articles and comments about a computer-based system besting megabucks transports. And then there is the convenience factor.
Hard to go wrong with Esoteric.
CEC TL series. Belt drive sounds like music. And the transports are beautiful and indestructible.

Yes I was asking "favorite". I've heard the 47 Labs Flatfish and not impressed. Heard an Esoterci X0-3Se and it very nice maybe a bit on the neutral/sterile side (which isn't a bad thing) but looking more on the warm side of neutral. I've tried computers as transports (Apple Pro) but not the same IMHO.
Not sure why, but it almost seems like the further up the food chain you go with Esoteric, the more warmth/musicality becomes evident. Try to listen to an "-01" of some type and I think you'll probably hear this.

Another option might be to try the X0-3se with some "warmer" cables. That might be your most cost-effective solution, so that you get both the detail Esoteric is famous for, as well as the slight bit more "warmth" you are apparently after. A good Esoteric dealer might be able to help you with that.
I love my levinson 37, it still beats my mac mini...
I have the 47 Lab Flatfish. Busyk, what is your DAC? I didn't like the 47 Lab DAC. Used in conjunction with my Audio Note Extreme, the 47 Lab Flatfish with power supply, Dumpty, is a kick ass transport. I don't believe there is any equal. It needs to be coupled to a slab floor, or have all vibrations absorbed below the player. I devised my own.
Tatw, I have a wide range of CDs. All of them sound the best ever. Any defects also showed up quite plain. Oh well, I don't have many of those at all because almost of my CDs are known for their great recording and mixing.