best threads out there?

Hey I just thought that it would be great to have a thread that mentions all good threads out there regardless of the topic. This is for educational purposes. thanks
First and foremost, IMHO, "Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot (sic)". Over 1300 posts and still going strong, because it has an incredible wealth of good info. Check it out in "Analog." Dave
All the best threads get deleted.

Home Despot, LOL! I gotta have a look at that one.
"Best threads out there:?" Armani, for the suite, Ferragamo or Bruno Magli for the shoes, Canali for the shirts and ties and Joseph Abboud (spelling?) for the socks. Italian "threads" are the best. peace, warren
I prefer items from hardware stores myself, as Armani won't do very well at all in the Himalayas or on a pitching ship on the ocean. So I do my clothes shopping at Canadian Tire, next to the auto parts section. Like the Lenco which is the subject of "Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot", these threads go for years and years without need for a tailor, do the job well and can be depended on ;-) Thanks for the vote, Dave.
Warrenh, you need to check out Missoni socks, and maybe Marzotto suits/sportcoats. Zanella makes great trousers as do Hickey Freeman!

Now those are great threads.

One of the most amusing threads I have read was: How did you get started in this hobby?
I'd take Ermegnildo Zegna over Armani any day.
Anything ending with a vowel.
Zegna for ties, yes. some shirts. Suits? NEVER. Armani, Canali rein. for me at least...this going going to become a real thread..
I'd take a Zegna over an armani any day, but I'll take a Jack Victor over either in the blink of an eye. And shoes, its gotta be prada, they may take a year plus to really break in properly but once your there, you've got a pair of shoes for life. Believe it or not for ties, I like a lot of the really small houses work- there's a level of craftmanship and quality of materials that seems unavailable with the larger houses.

Its funny not only with audio are our tastes different but the same holds true with fashion!
good shoes never have to be broken in. Break in calf leather? Prada? over priced, but nice stuff. It's Bruno and Salvatore for me. I'm teachable, however. I'll keep an eye out....
I'm very casual and fond of hi-tech fabrics, like Polartec and GoreTex. I like active wear (but can't stand cargo pants). I prefer to buy from places like REI and North Face; and Timberland for shoes that happened to be made in China. I live in Levis, and free polo shirts from trade exhibitions and shows. I don't own a suit and only wore a tie once this year.

Metralla, I shop at the same places you do with the addition of Territory Ahead and Crazy Shirts. If you see some slant-headed green guy sliding down the street clad in a Territory Ahead leather jacket, Quiksilver polynosic shirt over a Crazy Shirt Kona Jack's T, Gramicci pants, Smartwool socks and Born shoes it might be me. That or a hundred thousand other anti-suit fools.
Gunbei, good call! The Territory Ahead really makes a quality product.

I'm surprised by the Jack Victor recommendation! It's not a very well know product, and doesn't end in a vowel. Nordstrom's does carry a few good products!

These are some of the best recommendations I have ever read on AudiogoN. Seriously.
LOL Nrchy!

You'd never think "threads" would be the strong "suit" of us audiophiles, heheh.

Yeah, TTA is some awesome stuff. They import a lot of their stuff from Spain and other places abroad and I'm always amazed at the great quality and fair pricing. I've been shopping with them for ten years and still wear some of those old garments.

Hey, We haven't heard from Slappy yet!

I'm waiting to hear how he gets all his dress rags at US Army surplus. I got a vintage East German 3-season coat right here buddy! If you see some guy at CES walking around with commando face paint and wearing a sniper's gillie suit, it's him!
Hey, Pedrillo, you gettin all this?

I love how easily some threads get trolled. Not much help to the poster, but an easy source of amusement for all us 'Gon jockeys

Naa Gunbei, latley my threads are nothing more than Saran Wrap. It doesent offer much warmth, but the ladies love it. LOL

Unfortunatly, Gunbei is right. the best threads have all been deleted. Unfortunatly the deletions probably resulted from the posts by either Gunbei, Jax2, Ellery911, Myself, and some others. Nrchy, Bigkidz, etc.

There were some real Gems though, especially Jax2's "Perch" thread.
Marco's Perch? Sounds like I missed a good one!

Yeah, Ellery has done some great 'Gon damage as well. :•)

All the "right versus left" threads that I helped get dumped aside, one that sticks out in my mind is the "worst album covers" thread. Marco and me turned quite a few faces red with embarrasment before it got yanked.

Slappy, I think you'd fit in perfectly in LA with your Saran Wrap get up, especially in West Hollywood, heheh.
boy were you guys whey off I was talking about tires... ha ha
Well in that case............
My car came with Dunlop SP Sport 8080s.

I'm currently running Dunlop SP Sport 9000s.

And my next set will probably be Brigestone S-03 Pole Positions.

Fronts are 225/45-17, and rears are 245/40-17s. Can anyone guess the car?
Smoking some spliff here, so bear with me. Best thread is the "Who Are You and Where Are You From..." It`s cool that we`re from around the globe, all ages, from corporate heads to guys working at McDonald`s. Jokers, tech experts, intellectuals, head-bangers, musicians, political pundits, Systems from mini systems to $150,000 mega-systems, and the AMAZING thing is everyone seems to get along pretty damn well. :)
I personally like the "The Threads" at the Men's Wharehouse.
I didn't know there was a wharehouse are you sure you spelled that right?