Best spkrs under $700 for a Rotel RA-1070 integrat

I just purchased a Rotel RA-1070 integrated (100 watts x 2 into 4 ohm) for a great price. Now I'm looking to pair a set of speakers for them. I had originally intended on purchasing a pair of Ascend Acoustic CBM-170's, but now I feel as if my amp is way too strong for a simple bookshelf speaker. I've never specifically heard the 1070, but I have heard the 1062, and it was described to me as a bright amp.

Should I consider any of the following speakers in either bookshelf or floorstanding models? I've auditioned B&W's, Paradigms, and I'm also still considering the Ascend's. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm also open to used speakers, but my speaker budget is $700 max, preferrably less.
Take a listen the the Quad 11L ($700 new) or the 12L around $550-$650 used. Both are monitors. Note that if you buy monitors and don't already have stands that will increase the overall price. Good luck.
If you're interested in bookshelf spks. I'd highly recommend you consider Tannoy Fusion 1 or 2. I own the 1 and it is a lovely sounding spk. The 2 has a larger cabinet and larger woofer. Very musical and forgiving. Stands are needed and Plateau is worth considering. If you want floorstanders, there are great deals on Tannoy's on the web. One seller here has the MX-3 for $315! If I needed more spks., I'd get these or the MX-4 w/o hesitation. There are also a couple of R-2 available as well. I also think an older Snell floorstander (J/D/E) would be a fantastic choose as well. If you don't want to buy used, order the Tannoy's.
Vandersteen 2-series speakers are typically a bargain on the used market. They would work well with your Rotel, however you may not appreciate their unconventional appearance. A used pair of Meadowlark Swift or Totem Sttaf loudspeakers could be had within your budget as well. Each of these have individual characteristics which offer different strengths and weaknesses.

Above are just three of the floorstanders that I considered when I was looking for speakers to go with my Rotel integrated. B&Ws have a huge following, although I am not crazy about their lower models.

Take your time and look at/listen to as much stuff as you can!
I really like Vandersteens but, I don't think the Rotel has enough juice for their 86 dB at 7 Ohm rating. Just my opinion.
I have a pr. of Spendor S3/5 SE's that i bought for $750 used on A'gon. They're truly "high end" speakers, IMO, & blow away B&W's in their price range.
I think Green Mountain Europa's would be a nice match with the Rotel. Need rigid stands too.


I've bought both Meadowlark Kestrels and Soliloquy 5.0's for use with Rotel amps for friends. Both sound exceptionally nice, though different. The Kestrels are floorstanders and the Soliloquy's are monitors. I'd think almost any speaker from Meadowlark or Soliloquy that you can find under your budget would be a good bet.
Last year I listened to the RA-1070 with B&W 805s. They seemed too reserved with the Rotel. At another dealer I listened to the Rotel with Paradigm Studio 20's. They matched very well.
I have owned the RA-1070, nice amp but can be just a little bright, but not as bright as the Acurus DIA-100 I owned previously. This is using B&W N805 speakers. First the RA-1070 is 100 w/ch into 8 ohms not 4. A Hi-Fi Choice review showed the amp is capable of, I believe 140 w/ch into 8 and greater than 200 w/ch into 4 ohm, if I remember correctly. TNT-audio also did a review.

I also used this amp on Paradigm Studio 20 v2's and the sound was great, no brightness, deep bass and warm, I think this may be a great combination. I believe the Rotel can easily drive the Vandersteen's though I have never heard the combination.

Paradigms are pretty efficent speakers. I owned the Studio 40's and there are 91 dB @ 8 ohms. The 20's @ 90 db @ 8 ohms with the tweeter and one 7" driver are much easier to drive than the Vandy's @ 86 dB 7 ohm's with a tweeter, 4.5" midrange driver and a 10" woofer are a lot tougher to drive. Don't get me wrong, I think Rotel makes solid gear but, believe that 1070 and the Vandy's are not a good match. Never heard the combo myself but on paper it just doesn't look good. I guess the only way to find out would be to listen to them together and find out.