Best SPKR'S and cables for Krell Amps?

I'm running a pr of FPB 250M's and would like to hear from Krell owners on their success's with SPKR's with krell amps.
Thanks Mike
I have FPB-350M (previously had FPB-300.)

I use a tube Audio Research pre. And have been very happy using this combo and speakers by Meadowlark Audio.

I use cabling by DH Labs.

Good Luck!
Dynaudios are a great match for the Krells, and FPB250 monos would give you the choice over Dyn's full range of offerings. I have the Contour 3.0's driven by the FPB200c, which is a very nice combination. The 3.0's would probably be the bottom end for consideration, though it wouldn't be overkill to mate your amps with a pair of these. Something from the old or new Confidence offerings would be wonderful as well, though considerably more expensive. If you like monitors, a pair of Confidence 3's would sound awesome. -Kirk
B&W -- The bigger, the better.

B&W used Krell amps to voice their speakers. And, since 80% of classical music is mastered on B&W speakers, you are most likely to get closest to the life performance.

P.S. I am biased. I own both.
I can recommend the use of B&W Matrix 801 series 3 speakers
(especially with external Northcreek crossovers) driven by
Krell's KCT preamp and FPB600c amplifier using CAST cables.
I have not experienced a better sounding system in my listening room...ever!
I am using a Legacy Focus Speakers along with Whale Elite Power Cords on a dedicated 30 Amp line and Balanced Granite Audio #470 interconnects. I will soon be trying Audio Pure note
I have the Krell 650M amp and I use PS Audio Xstrem Speaker cable to connect to my Wilson Audio X-1 speakers. The sound is outstanding!!!!!!!!! I've used Audioquest Everest and Transparent XL cables. PS Audio Xstream puts them both to shame with a faction of the price. But don't take my word--audition a pair and make your own decision.
I have the FPB200 and I use Sonus Faber Electa Amator II with Transparent Plus bicables.

Outstanding sound, highly recommended.
If you need SIlver IC's I have had my Silver Spiral IC's tested in a SOTA Krell System and they came out on top.
A friend of mine uses B&W 802 with the Krell FPB 200 driven by Lexicon Pre/Pro, and I LuV his system, clean, detailed, extended bass (tight & detailed), not in ya face mids and excellent highs (not harsh by any means).

Myself, I use the ProAc Response 3.8 with the Krell FPB-300cx driven by Krell Showcase Pre/Pro. I can assure you this combo is an audiophiles dream! Bass is tight and well extended with great grip from the Krell down to 31Hz in my room (measured with a Terrasonde ATB Plus). The mids are unreal (read the Stereophile review at their site), clean, detailed and so lively – I swear lead vocalist are at times in my room, “and the bastards have been in my fridge too at times I’m sure”. The highs are just right and extended yet not in ya face, or worst still in ya ears.

Actually my mate (above) is now talking about upgrading in hoping to surpass my system - the jealous buggar! If you are lucky enough to demo ProAc with Krell, be sure too before you go and buy anything... be warned because if you don’t and you eventually hear Krell with ProAc, in particular the Response 3.8 you’ll never forgive yourself!

BTW, my speaker cables are Kimber BiFocal XL driving the ProAc's in BiWire config, interconnects are PS Audio balanced xStreams (these to are fantastic). All my front end runs via the PS 500 power regenerator. My music preferences are mostly Blues and 70’s Rock with “some” Jazz.

Good luck with your shopping.

ps: I might just go and wack on some Guy Davis and let the music, correction “band PlaY”!
B&W uses Chord electronics i believe now, not Krell.
Sonus Faber is voicing their speakers with Krell.

Also Krell and Wilson a classic match.

Also Vienna acoustics.
Apogees? About a dead short at 1ohm, so Krell should be able to push them. The bigger the apogee the better!