Krell Kav 250A or NAD S200 for B&W 805???

I'm looking for help in deciding which amp to purchase for my 2 channel system. I'm continuing to upgrade my system. My listening is jazz to rock. My listening room is 14x28. Thanks.
KAV-250 over the NAD no questions.
I use a KSA-250 with N805s. IMHO this combination works perfectly. Staggering resolution, dynamics, sound stage etc. I have also tried my Quad 606 and Pioneer Elite M91 power amps with the N805s, no contest; the KSA-250 is a clear winner. Even my wife and children said the same thing (must be good then!).
Thanks for the responses. I really need to demo these both in my home, I believed that the Krell was the better choice, however I have read many good reviews on the NAD S200.