Best speaker for $1500???, Have Cary SLI-80

Hi Guys,

Have a Cary SLI-80. Currently using a pair of Shearwater Meadowlark's-Hotrod version. The speakers have a great bottom end, for a 8" speaker, but I think they lack at the top end. Please help with what to buy...I like low end, so I am not sure that monitors will work. A good used pair to get me into a higher end speaker is fine with me. Thank you.
Since you use a low powered tube amp it might be best to check out speakers that are an easy load on the amplifier.Soliloquy 6.3s or 5.3s come to mind.They both have great bass and the top end is a tad more extended over the Shearwaters.Also you have Coincident and Silverline speaker lines both tube amp friendly.You could go with monitors and a sub.The new Eminent Tech LFT 16 should work with your amplifier.The eminents have a 3 position tweeter setting.This way they can be tweaked to your needs. The site qoutes $950.00 new but you maybe able to get them cheaper through a dealer. Add a subwoofer like the Adire Rava and you should be in business. Once you become accustomed to sealed bass it will be hard to go back to anything not sealed.

Good Luck!
totem forests used they are round $2000 but well worth the extra $500
As to what Gmood1 said, ditto!
Soliloquy 6.3's can be had for under $1500, and they are a great speaker.
i demoed a cary sli-80 with my tyler linbrooks and it was a beautiful weekend. listened to the sli-80 in the shop with newer meadowlarks and that was sweet too, but i prefer my tylers.ymmv
How about a pair of Living Voice Auditorium -- I think their rating is in the 90's db? I have the Avatar and they are really good. Just a word of caution though. If you're looking for bass then these are probably not for you.
Coincident Speakers are extremely tube friendly (92 to 102db depending on the model). They don't miss a beat!
I am curious as to why you Shearwaters have no top end. There might be some other issue that could save you a lot of money and a big hassle. My Shearwaters are not the hot rod version and I look for ways to tame the top end.
You need to consider Europas, for $600 used it's hard to go wrong. They outperformed Totem Forests (a very nice speaker) in my system during an A/B test. An in home trial is they only way to surely know.
If you are going for new speakers, the best that I have heard under $1,500 are the Totem Arros and the NHT ST-4's, and both of these are more like $1,000. The ST-4's are an amazing speaker for the money, and the Arros are also noteworthy for their big sound from such a small cab.

In the used market, I think that you can score some Thiels or ProAcs for that price. The ProAcs would probably match up better with your Cary.
JM Lab Cobalt 826. Excellent little speaker with surprising efficiency and low end and a very refined top end. Good luck! Arthur
Merlin TSM-ME used would run you about $1500. Superb with tubes. Good luck!
Like Fujindemon, I recommend the Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signatures. Used without the stands you may be able to find a pair for $1500. They are large monitors that get down to about 35 HZ, but the midrange and top end in particular are superb. I love mine.

I'm using the Reference 3a DeCapo I's with my SLI-80 and get plenty of bass. Very efficient. Give them a try. Used start at $1,500 on Audiogon.
Get yourself some Audes Blues.

You will love them. Great all-around sound for the money. A good set is available right now on Gon.

They will solve your mids/highs issue.

On the bottom they go down to 45Hz (which is plenty enough for me at least).

Onix Rocket RS750 or 850 from