Best speaker at Walmart

Looking for best bookshelf speaker from Walmart for a 20 watt tandberg reciever. They have Polk, Pioneer and Cerwin Vega. I'm looking to spend under a $100. Will be listening to fm radio as background music.
Often Pioneer are available, at a good price. Easy return make trying risk free.
If you can afford $10 more these are really good sounding. They were designed by Andrew Jones.
Listening to FM as background music? I'm not sure how it matters which speaker you choose.
Bose Bose Bose
You can find a good deal on Dali speakers. They are blowing them out at rock bottom prices.
I just bought my nephew a pair of Pioneer sp-BS21-LR at best buy for 99.00.They sound real nice,check them out. has those Pioneer's on sale for $50 plus tax, free shipping through 10/8.
I agree with prpixel.

Are you opposed to buying used off Craigslist? It may be possible for you to get something nicer if you buy used. If not, wal Mart will take returns. Just sample a few different kinds!
Lol... B&W @ wal-mart.
Yes - those Pio's were designed by same guy who designed the big bucks TAD Ref speakers, and these little guys were well reviewed by TAS about a year ago, IIRC.
magico q series