Best Soundtracks

Sound quality has to be taken into consideration, sadly there are some great soundtracks that were recorded like crap. But others include

Million Dollar Hotel (U2)
Vanilla Sky
Rainman for the great mix of music
O Brother because I really liked the movie and the music
Titanic - just for the bass notes on the title song.
Try the soundtrack from "Patriot Games"

This will quickly show you how your system is.

;-) ;-) ;-)

You'll thank me later.


Paul :-)
"O Brother, Where Art Thou"- Great sounding and I really like the selections.

"Twin Peaks" Soundtrack from the TV show. Kinda trippy and well recorded.


Dances with Wolves.
Soundtrack from Braveheart - Warpipes, Drums, Marching, almost makes you want to join in the war! And it will test your system a bit if you turn up the volume.
try Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It'll give your subs a run for their money!
Aida (Madredeus)
Before the Rain (Balkan/Macedonian music)

All three are great films as well!

(see also other threads in the archives for more)

some I've been enjoying lately...

Cal & Local Hero, Mark Knopfler
Long Journey Home
Dead Man Walking the Score
I second Local Hero (also watch the movie!)

also Magnolia is very good by Aimee Mann

Happy New Year
always liked Titanic, Bram Stokers "Dracula" the latest version, The ghost and Mrs Muir, Braveheart, I concur with all the above also there are quite alot of good soundtracks
"Until the End of the World"
"Dead Man Walking"
"Garden State" current favorite.
I really like the soundtrack to "Ocean's 11" - the remake, not the original. "Ocean's 12" is okay, but the first one is really good.
A big 2nd for "Baraka" both the film itself and the score.
"Blade Runner"
"Grand Canyon"
"Local Hero"
"No Way Out"
"Dances With Wolves"
"Emerald Forest"
"Finding Forrester"
"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"
Slipknot1, I think you and I were separated at birth. We have had many
similar tastes over the years. Did you ever try that monkey on the whale
Zinfandel I recommended a ways back?

Oh, and I mispelled the Madredeus soundtrack. It should be
"Ainda"! The soundtrack is to the film, "The Lisbon
Story" by Wim Wenders. I also loved his soundtrack to
"Wings of Desire" (my first introduction to Nick Cave), which
also is my all-time favorite film!

No luck finding that Zin, but have moved on to the 2002 Smoking Loon cabs and merlots. Not quite as big and bold as the 2000s we were talking about before, but some damn fine drinking anyway. Happy Holidays to you and your family!
Don't forget the soundtrack to Glory. A more romantic, less intense, workout for your sound system, compared to Patriot Games.