Soundtracks that ROCK

Anybody want to nominate their favourite soundtrack that "rocks"??? I'll start it off with "Queen of the Damned". Most of the music is aggressive gloom & doom rock. Think of it as "goth rock" combined with metal / industrial / grunge. Reminds me of one of the clubs that i used to frequent back in my "yoot". Maybe that's why i like it i.e. it brings back memories : ) Sean
"The Jackal" is in my list.
Dogtown and Z-Boys!
The Committments.
Blue collar 90s Dubliners playing 60s American black soul music. It's a great, funny flick, and the music is the heart & soul of the movie...

Cheers, Spencer
"The Wedding Singer"

Great road trip CD - has some great tracks from the 80's : New Order, the Smiths, David Bowie, Psychedelic Furs etc.
The Punisher. Rock and roll.
Clerks, Singles, Pulp Fiction, SWF, and Godzilla are all pretty darn good, IMHO.
"The Wall" certainly...
trent renzors work on the soundtrack of the movie " natural born killers "
a great blues soundtrack is from the movie RUSH & can be found in just about every bargin bin for a dollar or two.

Cat People,Breakfast Club,Valley Girl, Those are soundtracks that are older which come to mind.

One thing that you will notice is that ST's are better recorded hich is great.

Good luck
Men with Brooms-- a good movie with a soundtrack made up of mostly indie rockers.
"Singles", the soundtrack to this movie (1992?) has great rock songs. Especially the 2 tracks by Pearl Jam: Breathe and State of Love and Trust.
The Armageddon soundtrack: Aerosmith, zz top and others. Somewhat well recorded as well
Matrix soundtrack and Tales from the Crypt Demon Knight.
Papertrail: Men With Brooms??? Is this a movie about high school custodians that like to crank up the PA while sweeping the halls and classrooms or something similar ??? : ) Never heard of that one. Sean
Sean, Actually "Men With Brooms" is a movie about the ancient sport of curling--it is still played in certain parts of the world and I think it is an Olympic sport. It's a take off on the genre sports movies about how the underdog overcomes great odds to win. I really enjoyed it and the music. I had not heard of "The Tragically Hip" until this movie and now they are one of my new favorite groups.

I just saw Men With Brooms last night and thought it was great. It was funny and witty and the guy gets the girl, etc, etc... Leslie Nielsen is in it, of all people, and fans of The Chris Isaak Show will recognize Anson as one of the Curling team. I just saw Sarah Harmer the other night - she also has a song on the soundtrack. Who ever knew Curling could be so entertaining. Enjoy the T Hip, there are a great band. Catch them live if you get the chance.

Yes Dave, an intelligently funny movie.
The Rose
I am Sam
City of Angels
hey sean!! what label is queen of the dammed on it sounds like somthin worth hearin, i like alot of different kinds of music but i hate radio so i dont get much new music exposure.

Grosse Pointe Blank. Believe it or not!
Mike - it's Warner Brothers, 2002. that's the label that 'Queen of the Damned' is on. It appears to be a collection of NuMetal. I saw this thread the other day, and grabbed my girlfriend's copy since I hadn't heard it before. It's not bad. The last two soundtraks I picked up were 'Freddie vs. Jason' and 'Resident Evil' (both on roadrunner records) I think I like QOTD better. The 'WWF Tough Enough' Tv soundtrack (label=Dreamworks) is also worth a listen. Again, if you like NuMetal.
Soundtrack from "Step Into Liquid" has some interesting stuff. Documentary on surfing made by the son of the filmaker who created THE original surf movie "Endless Summer"
thanks aroc, im gonna look it up right now.
The soundtrack from the Endless Summer II. Gary Hoey SMOKES on this disc with Low Rider, Linus and Lucy,Pipe and lots more!!!
Not exactly staples on the average audiophiliac menu... The use of Yes, ("Heart of the Sunrise") in Vincent Gallo's Buffalo 66 whomps pretty good. The Decline of Western Civilization I (Black Flag, Fear, Circle Jerks, Germs) is big on adrenaline. Same goes for The Year That Punk Broke w/ Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth.