A question about Goblin soundtracks

I am a bit confused about the releases of Italian prog band Goblin,especially their soundtrack for the movie Patrick.The CD says Original Motion Picture Soundtrack as does my US LP for the same flick.The music is completely different though,with Goblin providing the music similar to their soundtracks for Dawn of the Dead,Suspiria and Tenebre and the US LP being just a collection of snoozy orchestral music.Both releases state that this is an Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.Which one IS the original and how to avoid the confusion in the future?(I picked up the LP thinking i'm getting Goblin on vinyl for the cheap)Any clarification would be appreciated.
Are you sure one doesn't say score instead of soundtrack? I only have pieces from Patrick on some Goblin comps. Great movie btw.
This may help. Apparently there are several versions of the fim and soundtrack.
Written exclusively for the Italian release of the 70's supernatural/horror movie (composer Brian May - not the one from Queen - wrote the original symphonic score for the Australian release), this is another great progressive, experimental rock soundtrack from Goblin. Contains nine previously unreleased versions from the Cinevox archives.