what are your favorite movie soundtracks.

I am looking to get into more movie soundtracks that sound that survive musically without the movie. I am not interested in soundtracks a that take a bunch of pop offerings a that are basically a collection of pop hits/songs but are origional soundtrack recordings that can be listened to all by themselves.

Some that I have tried with various amounts of successs are Glory, Schindler's List, Dances with Wolves, and Murder in the First.

I do not care for opera, rap or country but everything else is an open book.
also my favorite dylan lp. 'pat garrett and billy the kid' soundtrack. kurt
Blade Runner
Crouching Tiger
Film Music of Bernard Hermann
More (performed by Pink Floyd)
No Way Out
Gladiator, Titanic, Batman Returns, Edward Scissorhands, The Mission, Empire of the Sun- I own all of these.
"Streets of Fire-- a Rock and Roll Fable", w/ soundtrack by Ry Cooder. Excellent. Also "Cross Roads" where some of the music is by Ry Cooder-- don't know if he also did the soundtrack, but excellent anyway. Cheers. Craig.
I'll second Crossroads by Ry Cooder - one of my favorites. Also like Shipping News and Wild at Heart.
1. Fillmmusik collection by Irmin Schmidt that includes unfortunately unknown movies for me since I'm very poor in German: Rote Erde, Flight to Berlin, Im Hertzen Der Hurricane and others...
2. Paris Texas by Ry Cooder
3. Broken Vessels by Bill Laswell
4. Metroland by Mark Knophler
5. Last Man Standing by Ry Cooder
6. Pulp Fiction
7. Natural Born Killers
8. Once Upon a Time in America by Ennio Morricone
9. Heat
Here are some soundtracks that aren't collections of pop songs that I still listen to and love:
Paris, Texas soundtrack by Ry Cooder
The Hours--piano music by Steve Reich
The Piano--original music composed by Michael Nyman
Koyanuutsu or whatever--really cool soundtrack but I can't remember the spelling of the name of the movie
Last of the Mohicans--music by Trevor Jones
The Mahabharata--on the Realworld label
Of Mice and Men--music composed by Mark Isham
Bugsy--music by Ennio Morricone, a soundtrack master
Ennio Morricone, Film Music vol. 1 and 2--collection of great compositions by the master
Two of my favorite film scores (others by these folks are good too, but these are their best):

the Score (not soundtrack) for American Beauty. All mostly percussion music but haunting and beautiful

The score for Chocolat. A fabulous disc, one of my favorites of all time. Perfect to cook to.

The Thin Red Line is also very good.

Besides most of the others already mentioned, if you can find it, it was one of my best music purchases ever.

Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man. Motown MOTD-5241
Have been enjoying Kissing Jessica Stein soundtrack this winter - great mix of female vocal jazz with one Lyle Lovett that is probably the hi-lite. Amazing movie as well - maybe a best of for the year wierd for me in that I usually run as fast as possible from romantic comedies. A couple of other favourites are Heaven's Prisoner track (blues)and a Nina Rota compilation of Felini movie music (sure Tom Waits has this one in his collection).
I have a list of ONE:
Superfly (by Curtis Mayfield, of course)
"Gosford Park" was a huge surprise it was so good. The
soundtrack from Almodovar's "Talk To Her" of all things is
very subtle, for him. Enjoyed it so much I bought a CD
with songs from all his other movies.
You can't go wrong with Slipknot's list, especially the glorious Vangelis "Blade Runner". Almost all of Vangelis' film work is recommended. As is John Barry's James Bond series. The list of great film composers is immence, but the best way to get acquainted with this music is to simply pay attention to the score as you watch the film. Luckily, most good scores accompany good movies (do they make them anymore?).
A very short list:
The Wicker Man-Paul Giovanni
Black Robe-Georges Delerue
Ragtime-Randy Newman
El Cid-Miklos Rozsa
Excalibur-Trevor Jones
Fantastic Planet (La Planete Sauvage)-Alain Goaguer
Local Hero-Mark Knopfler

It's great to see you have an interest. Your on the right (sound)track!
Until the End of the World
Far Away So Close
Pulp Fiction
Kansas City
LA Confidential

And Debbie Does Dallas.


Just joking on the last one!

"The Commitments"
Agree with Blade Runner and Gladiator.I would add Insider and Carmen(Spanish movie with Antonio Gades-the greatest modern flamenco dancer and Paco De Lucia).Both truly excellent films,by the way.
Good list so far. "Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack) also should go on the list.
Great list! I can't believe I didn't list "Local Hero". it is my number one choice. I have the 1st pressing vinyl version and it is glorious! I also left out "Finding Forrester". Anyone not familiar with this, it is full of Miles Davis, Bill Frissell, and the late Great Iz doing a Over The Rainbow/Wonderful World medly
This one seems obvious - The Sound of Music, the two disc 5.1 edition, of course. And you even get a great movie, as well!
"Oh Brother" and "2001"
Passagio per il Paradiso - Pat Metheny
Must Haves:

'The Natural' - Randy Newman
'Last Temptation of Christ' (Passion) - Peter Gabriel
'Koyaanisqatsi' - Philip Glass
'Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud' - Miles Davis
'For All Mankind' (Apollo) - Brian Eno

Also check out many the many soundtracks by Morricone, Knopfler and Vangelis

The one and only: Bernard Herrmann. Wrote the music for "Citizen Kane" "Magnificent Ambersons" "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" "The Day The Earth Stood Still" "The Wrong Man" "The Trouble With Harry" North By Northwest" "Vertigo" "Psycho" "Marnie" "The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad" "Jason and the Argonauts" "Mysterious Island" "Journey to the Center of the Earth" "Sisters" "Taxi Drivers"... and more! And most of these are available as original soundtracks or excellent newly recorded versions. If you don't know Herrmann's music, you don't know film soundtracks.

Your nomination of Bernard Hermann is spot on. While I put Curtis Mayfield's Superfly, as far as film soundtracks go, on a list of one; with regard to film scores in particular, Bernard Hermann is alone at the top.

His music for Vertigo (a brilliant musical commentary on Wagner's "Tristan und Isolde") is among my favorite compositions, in any musical genre, of the entire Century. It is impossible to overestimate the quality and importance of Bernard Hermann's film scores.
Have you ever heard or seen the movie "Southern Comfort"? Ry Cooder soundtrack, very erie and cool. He also did the soundtrack for "Crossroads" w/ Ralph Macchio. Very bluesy, and cool. I've always like the Wang Chung soundtrack from "To Live and Die in LA", a great cop movie featuring Willem Dafoe and William Peterson (currently on CSI).

Check 'em out.
I found in my collection a couple of more nominees:

-The Jackal
-Dark City
-Four Rooms
-Get Shorty
"the hot spot" John Lee Hooker and Miles Davis
Two more to add to what is a wonderful list:

When Harry Met Sally
The Whole Nine Yards
I would also add Patton and The Good,the Bad, and the Ugly.
I think that this is a compilation CD, but it is one of my favorites.

"The Masterworks of Satyajit Ray" on the Angel label.

My wife gave it to me on my B-Day and found it online (it's a CD). I have probably played it twenty times in the past few weeks.
Henry V, by Wm. Walton, particularly the version on Chandos records performed by the Academy of St. Martin's in the Fields, conducted by Sir Neville Marriner. Something a little different, but mind blowing.
I like:

City of Angels
The Firm
Hardly an audiophile quality recording (and kind of a ripoff because 2 of the songs are repeated in their entirety), but I'd still recommend the soundtrack to "The Harder They Come". Essential reggae.
For the Reggae fans "The Harder They Come" will hit the spot. For someone looking for a place to get into Reggae a good one to start.The Ry Cooder ones mentioned above are fine."Super Fly"stands on its own as does Harry Nilsson's "The Point" (with the narration). Generally though, movie soundtracks are weak and dull musically and need the visual support.
Full Monty!!!!

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Run Lola Run, Il Postino, Cinema Paradiso, Kikujiro
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Liza Minnelli: New York, New York & Cabaret.
Forrest Gump: great theme & colection of hits.
"Le Peuple Migrateur"
"Christine", my favorite car, and my favorite soundtrack. That movie has one bad version of "Harlem Nocturne".

The movie “Dark Streets” has an absolutely fabulous sound track of blues and swing music. The movie is actually about music, so on the DVD you get to see some of the songs performed full length on stage. One of the songs done by Bijou Phillips will knock you out. Unfortunately that Bijou Phillips song isn’t on the soundtrack CD, but still in all its darn good. If you like blues and swing music, you’ll like Dark Streets.