Best pressing of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto?

I’m ready to start into the classical side of my vinyl collection, and I’ll start with my favorite piece? Any recommendations on a well-recorded, played, and -mastered vinyl pressing of this? Should I start with the '56 Heifetz? Or the Van Cliburn?
I certainly wouldn't start with Van Cliburn, as that's the piano concerto!  I'll look through my collection to see if there's any other recording on vinyl that I like as much as the RCA Heifetz..
@rcprince Curses! I meant Leonid Kogan's 1960 version.

Thank you for looking through the collection, though.
Joshua Bell. Great excitement. I heard him live a few years ago and even though he's probably performed it 200 times, it was still filled with energy. 
I do like the Heifetz and the Kogan, and the reissues of those recordings are really quite good.  I always liked Perlman's version that I had on a Chesky CD reissue, that must have been a Reader's Digest release on vinyl, might be worth looking for.  The engineering for that recording is top-notch, though the pressing quality might not be so great.  I also note there is a DG vinyl reissue with Anne-Sophie Mutter, I have always admired her work but have no idea of this performance or the quality of the recording (as a rule, I'm not a big DG fan from that era). 
Not much not much better than Heifetz on Living Stereo.  Also available as SACD hybrid which sounds quite good.  

Heifetz, Stern, Milstein, Oistrakh or Perlman would be good analog.  Mutter or Bell would be digital.  Mutter/Karajan available on DVD digital video.  I really like that one.
Personally, I'd take a little less in the sound department if the performance hits me as something special. 
That Mutter/Karajan performance is now available on vinyl as well.
I'm also partial to the Heifezt version. The  Acoustic Sounds reissue is superb:

Thanks, all. Just ordered the Heifetz original '56 recording from Discogs AND the Acousticsounds reissue.
Wow. Why no mention of Erica Morini?

Here's the album. Almost impossible to fine in stereo, but the mono is a real delight. Its available on CD in stereo.

my favorite pick would be Michael Rabin on Angel UK.
The original pressing of the '56 Heifetz rendition arrived the other day and I cleaned and spun it.

Beautifully recorded; Heifetz's violin was right there in the room with me; the recording and mastering of the accompanying orchestra seemed a bit diminished at times. A slight sense of sibilants during some of the orchestral passage, but I suspect my Benz Micro Ace is aging and needs retipping or replacing.

I'll investigate the Rabin recording, too.
Well, remember that RCA was selling Heifetz more than the orchestra at the time, so they were a little guilty of spotlighting him, hence the "diminished" orchestra, IMHO.
@rcprince That's what I figured. But I love "hearing" his technique on violin and how this recording lets me 'see' what he's doing.