Best Nancy Wilson CDs

I like Nancy Wilson....what do you think are her best albums?
My favorite is Nancy Wilson - Broadway My Way with As Long As He Needs Me and Make Someone Happy and If Ever I Would Leave You. Next would be Nancy Wilson Sings Songs of Lost Love with Who Can I Turn To?. She has a great elastic and expressive voice with a huge range. I also have a few old LPs that are very good.
A voice for the ages.

Her very first album, Nancy Wilson and Cannonball Adderley is fantastic. First recorded in 1962, it is still a wonderfully well recorded album. Every other cut is an instrumental, with Cannonball, his brother Nat, and later of Weather Report, on piano, Joe Zawinall (sp?). Save Your Love For Me, Masquerade, are both exceptional cuts. I listened to this album on my suitcase style record player as a, rereleased, a Capitol, CD. I love this album. Yes Ms. Wilson is a singer for the ages, and probably the premier female singer of her genre subsequent to Ella.
Get it if you can, it's well worth owning.
Also, as a side note, her rendition of Johnny Mercer's "When October Comes" on another album which I can't remember the name of, is WELL worth owning too.
Ditto Cannonball Adderley. Also "But beautiful" and "Something wonderful". - Jim
I would also like to recommend her "Turned to Blue" project. The quality of the sound is above average and her singing is excellent.

If you like Nancy, check out Dinah Washington. You may never listen to Nancy again. :-)

I checked out a bunch of Nancy Wilson LPs (10 or so) about a year ago, although I was completely new to her and relatively new to this type of music. The Cannonball Adderly LP really stood out (I have the CD as well). I also very much enjoy another of her early records, The Swinging's Mutual w/Gearge Shearing (not sure if CD is available...but probably is). I ended up trading in most of the rest, as I thought she went downhill later on. Later Nancy Wilson may be better to collect on CD, as lots of filler on the albums, but often a few great songs.
Thanks to all. And I agree as to Dinah Washington....I think I have nearly every lp/cd she ever made. Nancy is just different from Sarah, Ella...etc. and I have learned to enjoy that difference.
Ella...IMHO, in a different category--both great singers, but Ella had something I can't quite put my finger on. She had that amazing voice, sort of indescribable like Nat Cole. They set the bar!
Agreed, Ella is in a class all her own. I do love Dinah.
I'll go with "The Swingings Mutual" which I have on cd. The tunes are short and catchy with a few instrumentals. The recording quality is very good considering the 1960 vintage. It possesses a lighter, lively frequency balance than many other recodings of that era. Nancy's voice is young and lovely at this time in her career. I had a nice listen this morning before work. Good stuff!
You know, back to that NW and Cannonball Adderley album...I listened to that on a tiny 'suitcase' like record player which was by my bed, as a kid of 12. I'd put it on and listen, falling asleep (putting it on repeat) and wake up to turn it off in the wee hours of the morning. (Cue orchestra)...
There's one passage in the song which is fascinating to me, from a creative standpoint. Nancy's lyrics are:
"I guess I'll have to sing (like) Pagliacci, and get myself a clown's disquise..." Obviously this references Leon Cavelle (?) I'm wrong on that, but it's which is an opera about an unhappy husband, who I think, dressed as a clown is crying.
Anyway, with that cue, Joe Zawinall (sp?) does this BEAUTIFUL operatic flourish, intensifying Nancy's words; It's goosebump time remembering that. What a collaboration of musicians and music. It was simply magic.