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Budget DAC - Have AE D2
Halide HD DAC. Wonderful sound for reasonable price. Comes with cables as part of the package. Stereophile's recommended affordable DAC. John 
Seeking DAC $300
Halide Design DAC HD is easy to use and requires no cables and sounds great. About $400. 
anybody got Halide USB DAC ??
I have a Halide DAC HD and love it. It connects my Dell PC to my Onyx EL-34 and it sounds at least as good as my Marantz SA 12 S1 SACD player. I have done AB comparisons and cannot tell the difference. 2 meter cables are built in. it is John Atkin... 
Which loudspeakers work best close to back wall?
Triangles are front ported and sound good close to back walls. 
It's All in Your Head
A quote from NRCHY 04-02-2005 from this forum, "Perfect sound is not attainable. Many have written long posts on whether live music is a good objective standard. In my opinion it is not. The only time a system will sound great is when the owner/l... 
Narrowing Down the Speaker Search
The Triangle Antal 30th anniversary floorstander could be a consideration. At an 8 ohm load and 92 sensitivity it is an easy drive and Triangles love tubes. It has a new tweeter from the Magellan line. On sale ay audiowaves.com for $2670. I have t... 
What city do you live in?
Asheville, NC. Moderate system but a passion for good music. Believe in the law of diminishing returns concerning equipment costs. Am 64 and will probably work 10 more years due to divorce and ocassionally making a difference. Remarried to an age ... 
Any other AQ Dragonfly Early Adopters out there?
I did not buy the Dragonfly, but did buy the Halide DAC HD which is also small and portable. It is more expensive but already has all wires to connect to USB and to an amp. It is $ 499. It sounds wonderful and via wav easily sounds as good as CDs.... 
Hate this, I need an AV receiver. Help me choose
Consider Accessories4Less.com as a Marantz resaler of refurbished gear including AV receivers. Great stuff at great prices and never a problem. Marantz has a solid house sound.mk 
Best Two-Way Monitor Speakers under $700 New/Used
The Triangle Comete ESs are often available and coherent from top to bottom and tube friendly, if that becomes a need. 
Faceplates Silver or Black???????
I do go with black to match...but function is still the most important. Sorry for being style conscious. 
Streaming Sonos - Best H/T Receiver
I have a Marantz SR 7000 5 channel receiver in a second system and I now use it mostly in two channel to drive Triangle Comete monitors. It had excellent reviews when new and has a solid 100 watts/channel and sounds very good. I believe the SR 800... 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
What a great thread and what memories.I love all of the Platters and all of Johnny Mathis and all of Nat King Cole and most of Joni Mitchell.Five others not mentioned:Dance Me to the End of Love - Leonard Cohen/Madeleine Peyroux.All I Ask of You -... 
best sound for a classical and jazz cd
I will suggest two classical peices and one jazz recording. The Carnegie Hall Concert by Evgeny Kissin and James Levine of piano music for four hands by Shubert (RCA Red Seal)is beautiful music beautifully recorded.The Mieczyslaw Horszowski record... 
Triangle 30th Anniversary Antal Opinions
I have the Triangle Celius with an Onix 40 watt tube amplifer. Sam Tellig loved the Magellan tweeter in the 40th anniversary Comete and Antal. It is hard to know if the Antal will sound better than your Celius with a super tweeter. I am happy with...